Track productivity with ease

Built first for us, then made available to others

DeskTime was born out of the need for the Draugiem Group to manage their many employees. An internal application was developed, and with time, we realized that this is in fact a tool that could be useful for many other companies – why not offer it to them? And so the development began.

DeskTime has proven to be a valuable tool here at the Draugiem Group, allowing everyone to see how they spend their time, and providing HR leads for those employees who might not be pulling their weight, as well as functioning as “checking in” system to calculate worked time. We hope that it will be useful for you too.

Our core values

At DeskTime, we’re committed to accountability, transparency, and fairness. This is woven into the development of DeskTime itself, which is a product that is designed to increase productivity in an open and empowering environment. The added benefit? Boosting your employees, and motivating them to perform at 100% of their potential.