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Earn 30% for each customer

Refer at least 2 customers, and get commission for 9 months after their first payment.

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Once you've earned $25 or more, we'll transfer your earnings through PayPal.

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See accurate stats on how you're doing, how much money you've made, and when the next payment is going to be.

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  • Recommend DeskTime to your customers or business partners - send them an email.
  • Place DeskTime banners on your webpage or blog
  • Write a blog post and mention DeskTime
  • Promote DeskTime with paid advertising

When you become a DeskTime affiliate, you:

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  • will get paid only for work done;
  • will receive commissions for each unique customer for 9 months;
  • will have to pay your own business expenses;
  • are free to have as many other clients as you like;
Automatic time tracking

Affiliate program for bloggers

DeskTime is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, and there are two main ways how you can advertise your affiliate link on your blog or website. Placing DeskTime banners is one of them. Just make sure you've got a space for ads in your web design.

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