5 apps we use to work more effectively

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As a tech startup ourselves, we rely on a host of apps on a daily basis to enrich, simplify or improve our lives. Here’s a list of the apps, how we use them, and how they helps us get things done.

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1. Trello

Trello is one of my favorite tools for managing to-do lists. I love the drag-and-drop element, plus the fact that you can make as many boards as you want.

I use it to store ideas for a rainy, list websites and resources, and to set priorities for the week and the day. What helps most for productive work is that I share my lists with my managers and team mates, so that if one of their tasks that I’m working on becomes really important, they can simply bump it up in my to-do list, so that I know that it’s next in line.

On a side note – Trello has tonnes of non-work-related applications, it also happens to be my favourite place to collect meal and recipe ideas.

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2. Mention

Mention is great if you’re creating a product to sell online, or if you’re monitoring your brand awareness. You get notifications each time your brand is mentioned, and it shows you where you were mentioned. Not only does this give you great insight to what people are saying about you, you can also catch and fix some situations, in case the comments are not in your favor.

This is a fantastic time-saver for project managers, marketing specialists, bloggers, and anyone who wants to keep an eye on what’s being said about their brand. Because you don’t always find out about it until it’s too late. Earned media is also incredibly useful, as you can in turn use it in your social media communication, mention in on your website as social proof and more.

You can get mentions sent to you via email or take the time to browse through their desktop app or on the web. I personally prefer the daily emails, because you can choose to be sent the most relevant mentions for your brand.

3. Startup Vitamins

We’re unfairly biased here, but our office is littered with inspiring Startup Vitamins products. From mugs to posters to desktop calendars, there’s always some motivation to be found. Though Startup Vitamins were originally created with startups in mind, companies of different sizes (and even the US congress) have used Startup Vitamins to inspire their everyday lives. Some of those amazing offices include Nike, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Zappos and more.






4. Olark

We use Olark to provide live chat support to people visiting the website. That lets us not only provide the best possible support, but also catch potential DeskTime users if they have any questions to put them over the fence.

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5. DeskTime

Of course we have to mention the one app that we use the most – our very own DeskTime. Because it would be hypocritical not to use the app that we’ve built ourselves. Especially with the recent update to the web, where you can classify the time spent into categories like email, social media, office apps, entertainment, and more.

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