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Introducing the Absence Calendar

We here at DeskTime are constantly trying to come up with new ways to improve our service. Recently, as many of you may have already noticed, DeskTime presented a neat new feature for its users – the Absence Calendar, which will make day-to-day and long-term planning at your company easier.

What is the Absence Calendar?

It’s a tool that lets any team member easily log days when they have been absent, as well as see when others are not at work. That lets the entire team plan ahead since everyone can schedule vacation days in a timely manner. The calendar offers various possible reasons for an employee’s absence – it can be either a conference, parental leave, business trip, vacation, unpaid leave, a sick day or a rest day.

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NEW feature! Customized application groups that suit your employees’ specifics

It’s been a while since we added application groups. This function let you categorize all applications in groups, which made it easy to see what your employees had been working on.

Yet not all applications can be put in the 6 categories proposed, right? Therefore, we’ve added a new function – you can now create specific and more accurate application groups that suit your company’s and employees’ specifics.

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The top 5 most popular posts on the DeskTime blog in 2014

January is halfway through, which means that 2015 is rapidly taking off. But while we still remember 2014, let’s look back at the most read DeskTime blog posts that helped us get through it.

Last year here at the DeskTime blog we gave tips, gathered ideas, solved problems; we experimented with and introduced new app features. And here are the winners!

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How to explain time tracking to your employees

To managers it’s obvious – time is money. So, it’s important to make the most of the work hours, and that’s probably the reason why you use time tracking to keep up with your employees.

And you’re not alone.

A new study found that 80% of major companies in the USA monitor their employees’ use of email, Internet or phone. The most common reasons for employee monitoring is productivity and attendance tracking, as well as to prevent misuse of the company’s property. Read more 3 min

Practical uses for exported data from DeskTime

By consistently using DeskTime for automatic time tracking, you’re creating a vast database of accurate, insightful and invaluable information. DeskTime offers many options to export this information, but simple number don’t mean anything until they’re put into context. Here we’ll go over some practical uses of exported DeskTime data, and how to make it happen in your Excel spreadsheet.

The images of this tutorial were taken from a Mac computer using Open Office, the free software. Other excel versions may be a bit different, but do have the same functions available.


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