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5 Reasons Why Freelancers Need Time Tracking Software

Companies are not the only ones that can benefit from time tracking software applications. Freelancers, who work from home or do ad-hoc work in office settings, will also discover that tracking their time comes with myriad benefits.

Freelancers often do not have to adhere to an official work schedule and in many cases, how much they work or how many hours they work determines their income. It’s easy to slip into a lax schedule when you are a freelancer and that will unfortunately mean that your income is restricted due to the many unproductive hours incurred.

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6 common productivity myths busted



There are many tips on how to boost one’s productivity, and many of them really work (maybe not for everyone, but still). Meanwhile, there are numerous productivity myths and half-truths, which may be keeping you from getting stuff done. Because instead of boosting your effectiveness, they make you organize your work in unnatural and unproductive ways. Here are six of the most common productivity myths, which are disproved by research:

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The complete guide to coffee drinking [infographic]


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already had at least one cup of coffee so far today – according to statistics about adults, at least. One study discovered that 83% of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee in the morning. While most people drink at least three! Although many don’t realize it, there actually is a right way and a wrong way to drink coffee. Therefore, let’s start with some facts!

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Long Working Hours: Not a Road to Productivity

It’s safe to say that the question of longer working hours as leading to greater productivity is far from being solved. The first step in clarifying this issue is understanding that productivity is not just about the actual time devoted to work – it also involves and is affected by nutrition, exercise and, perhaps most importantly, sleeping habits.

What Does the Research Show?

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6 Productivity Hacks Backed by Science

Productivity is the key ingredient to making the most of your time when studying or working. If you’re tired of long hours in front of your computer or you feel you might not be maximizing your potential, this infographic can point you in the right direction and help you improve your productivity by applying a few small changes in your daily life. Ready to learn the secret of getting and staying productive at work or school? Prepare for some science-based pointers that actually work.

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5 Reasons to Have Fine Art in the Workplace

Guest post by Andre Smith

For years, millions of employees and customers across the nation have been consigned to working in drab, uninteresting offices with painfully bare walls. Fortunately, times are changing: business owners are beginning to realize the tremendous benefits to decorating their workplaces with fine art. Last year, a study from the British Council for Offices found that over 90% of employees believe that featuring art prominently in the workplace boosts overall productivity, while 86% of those surveyed explicitly agreed that art is “more relevant than ever” in today’s office environment. While the reasons to display artwork in the office are endless, today we will be focusing on just five, as follows.


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Build a culture of high performance – start looking at your staff’s needs

This is a guest post from Christopher Austin from

Several years of practice and research have been devoted to improving performance management in companies worldwide. However, the conventional understanding of the performance review process is inefficient in the eyes of employees, managers, CEOs and company owners. Studies have shown that annual reviews are not helping increase employee engagement and performance; what really makes employees happy is the day-to-day process of offering feedback, leveraging talent and communicating expectations.


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5 easy ways to get more from your employees

When establishing your own business, one of the biggest challenges is cultivating an effective managerial style. Here are some techniques that you can implement to develop your managerial presence, while motivating your employees and improving productivity at the same time.


1. Create self-esteem incentives

If your employees feel appreciated and respected, they’ll be more motivated and are more likely to work efficiently. Build incentives that will impact your employees the most. That might be empowering and employees by putting them in charge of an important project or presentation, or giving them the opportunity to train in another department. As a result, your employees will feel that their skills, and themselves personally, are valued by the company and thus your workforce will be happier and more productive.

2. Streamline expectations

When assigning a project, it’s important that there is a clear primary goal. If you add other minor goals to a project, that can often detract from your original purpose and reduce employee efficiency. By channeling the majority of employee effort on accomplishing your main goal, they’ll remain focused and will better understand the task at hand. As a result, your employees will deliver a better end product and will also have more time and energy to devote to the next important project.

3. Define employee roles

Within a working environment, structure is key to success. Provide clear communication to your employees regarding what you expect them to do, and what they can expect other people to do. Therefore, your employees will work on their individual roles more competently, and will know who to turn to when they need information or help in a specific area. If all employees know their specific roles and aims, as well as those of others, then your company will have the effective structure necessary to make smooth progress. Moreover, it gives employees an opportunity to exercise responsibility and take pride in their specific roles.

4. Use an internal communication system

Regardless of the scale of your business, it’s fundamental that you provide your team with adequate online communication tools such as instant messaging and project management resources. This will enable them to remain connected and informed immediately of any project updates or changes, no matter where they are located within the framework of your business. Internal Communication Systems are particularly popular within public services where communication is vital, such as the UK NHS where Premier Patient Line provide internal communications systems.

5. Provide constructive and meaningful feedback on a regular basis

Feedback is fundamental to an effective management relationship with your employees. Aim to offer regular and helpful feedback to employees in a way that encourages them to work harder, rather than criticisms which are likely to reduce their motivation. Your feedback doesn’t always have to be positive, but is does always need to be constructive – working towards a goal. Always seek to encourage employees; if they have not achieved a goal, show them methods in which they could improve or assign them help, rather than simply berating them. This way, employees are more likely to come to you if they need help. Moreover, they are more likely to work productively if they feel their work is appreciated and held in high regard.

AuthorThis article was written by George Campbell a freelance writer from Birmingham, England. George has been a teacher for four years and he loves writing about education but he is versatile and he also write across a variety of other topics. You can connect with George on Twitter and Google+.

How Office Security Can Boost Productivity

Fingerprint Building

At first glance, it might seem like workplace security measures would hinder productivity. After all, security measures block access to certain websites,require the generation of complicated passwords and often necessitate training sessions for employees.

But upon further examination, business owners are likely to find that security measures can actually increase productivity and improve overall employee performance. Rather than being viewed as a necessary evil, security measures – just like breaks – should be used to help workplaces operate more efficiently than ever before.

Here are a few examples of how office security and productivity go hand in hand. Although implementing these measures may require a little work upfront, they are likely to pay off over the long haul in terms of safety and efficiency.

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