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How to Exercise After Sitting All Day

Many white collar jobs today require logging in long hours of sitting at a desk, typing away at a computer. This is a standard expectation, even with extensive research pointing to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle is terrible for your health. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

What’s not talked about as often is the way sitting affects your posture and muscles. Sitting for prolonged periods of time tightens and weakens certain parts of your body, especially in the back and hips. This can cause headaches, back and hip pain, and ultimately make it harder to focus and stay productive. The good news, though, is that you can easily do something about it with some stretches and exercises.

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Nike Air Max for cheap

The Kobe 11 goes grim on its latest. Grim and spectactularly attractive, mind you.Pending an official nickname, well call it the Nike Kobe 11 Bred (we dont want to use that nickname any longer than necessary), and the palette clearly indicates why. The Flyknit upper starts out blackish-grey in the toe, gradually shifting to red in the midfoot and heel. Solid black on the liner and translucent sole bring a bit of balance, and a metallic silver Swoosh brings a touch of sheen to the picture.Then theres that right heel-graphic, which hitherto has announced the theme on each colorway. Here its a Skullcandy-like skull graphic, indicating . . . something. Stay tuned.The Nike Kobe 11 Bred release is rumored for March 25.
Can’t get enough of the Nike Presto? There’s good news on the horizon, as Nike Sportswear is promising a number of awesome new releases coming Spring and Summer 2016. A combination nike air max for cheap of the traditional Nike Air Presto and the forthcoming Nike Flyknit Presto will brighten up the warmer months with monochromatic uppers ranging from the infamous ‘Triple White’ look to a number or royal and violet shades. No word yet on specific release dates, but be sure to check out the bolstered mesh varieties of what was once known as a ‘t-shirt for your feet’ below.
Nike decided to go with the high-top version of the Nike Kobe 10 Elite this year again just like they did last year. Last year for the Kobe 9 Elite What The we saw the shoe take on a predominantly white Flyknit upper with less color detailing than we expected. This year however Nike decided to give us lots of color as we see hits of red, green, blue, purple, and black throughout the silhouette. The official colorway is listed as Mult-Color and Reflect Silver due to the Swooshes which look like they have 3M on them.
The coveted “What The” design is finally hitting the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, and we couldn’t be more excited! The sneaker sports a white build with a multicolored flyknit upper which continues onto the sneaker’s ankle support and tongue. Complete with tonal graphics, a speckled midsole, and a medley of colors on the inner lining, this should be one of the more popular design of the Nike Kobe 9 silhouette.
Encompassing basketball, football, running, soccer and skateboarding, the 2015 BHM Collection includes 28 items – 12 shoes, 16 complimentary apparel/accessories to match – all of which are from Nike and Jordan Brand.

New Balance 574 For Cheap

The New Balace 998 always benefits from the use of premium suede and leather. New Balance has always kept the retro running offering in check with tonal colorways, and today’s pair exudes a certain springtime vibe thanks to the use of an off-white creamy shade as the base, a dark grey mid-section, and dashes of bright orange and midnight navy throughout. This Made In USA§ pair showcases the dedication NB to continuously releases solid pairs outside of the collaborative front and is the proud creation of one of the best in-house color teams in the business. Grab your pair today via Concepts for $200 USD.
Nike continues its Air Force 1 Color of the Month series this weekend, trotting out the latest colorway of the throwback Uptown that features classic color-blocking, vintage branding on the heel and the original Swoosh-shape.Embracing simplicity, the Nike Air Force 1 High Summit White-Black sports a white leather upper, offset by black on the strap, Swoosh and outsole. Thats . . . thats it. Fashionable understatement on fleek, eh?The Nike Air Force 1 High Summit White-Black release date was originally confirmed for March 5, and weve heard absolutely nothing about it in the ensuing months. So barring any unforeseen changes, Saturday is the day.
Expected to arrive earlier next month, this latest iteration flaunts a mixture of Black and Grey hues across its seamless textile upper. Upon closer inspection, Radiant Emerald underlays further pronounce the profile. Additional hits of Black adorn the tongue, lining, laces and rear, while a Metallic Silver Swoosh graces its side panels.
Recently showcasing Nike’s extensive 2015 Black History Month Collection, a few official images of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “BHM” were provided and confirms our previous first look at the purported commemorative sneaker.
Hiroshi Fujiwara’s sense of style is emphasized by tonal colors and the unmistakeable sleekness that aesthetic provides. It’s no wonder that almost all of his side-projects with Nike and NikeLab have become acclaimed hits, but the brand has only scratched the surface in terms of what H of HTM has to offer. Today, Nike unveils the Air Max LD-Zero H designed by Hiroshi. It makes use of the LD-1000 upper and the full-length new balance 574 for cheap Max Air outsole seen in the most contemporary Air Max models. Arriving in the signature navy/white colorway, the Air Max LD-Zero H will release tomorrow, March 19th exclusively on In addition, KITH in New York City will offer a reservation for the shoes tomorrow (global release date is March 26th), and those who do will receive a wristband for Air Max Con NYC. For more details, check out KITH’s statement below.

Avoid losing privacy when using DeskTime

DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software. Inherently, this means that this element of your life is completely tracked. But simply because you use time tracking software doesn’t mean that you or your employees need to lose privacy as well. You can continue using DeskTime and offer your employees the security that they’re not constantly being watched by Big Brother.

Here are a couple tips on making sure that you and your employees have the most possible privacy, while tracking productivity at the same time. These functions can be completed by the administrator of the company account, simply by going into the “settings” tab.

Privacy at work


How to Find Your State of Flow

Flow is the ultimate level of productivity. It’s that moment when everything is just flowing effortlessly out of you – be it words, music, or code. To anyone who’s interested in getting more done – flow is the object of wonder, fascination, and aspiration.

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity

These moments are rare, which is why it’s important to target them and understand how you can access these pockets of ultra-productivity. Read more 3 min

Order cheap jordans online

The Nike Kobe 10 EXT High will come with an upper that will feature an all-over pattern that will feature Kobe’s Sheath logo. Coming in an all-black aesthetic, the hits of gold placed on the top eyelets and tongue branding mesh nicely with the look of the upper. Adding a bit more of a classic look to the shoe is the gum bottom outsole that also manages to balance out the appearance of the Kobe sneaker. Set to release December 11th for the retail price of $275, let us know what you think about this colorway of the
All resting atop a Light Blue-colored Zoom Air sole unit, the vibrant hue can also been on the tongue and upper portion of its eyelets. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, you can find it at Nike retailers starting November 11th for $180.
Nike CEO Mark Parker was up next, giving us a quick rundown of the innovations that were going to be debuted today. Behind the stage and the projection screen were walls covered in black tarp; they were immediately lifted once the presentation ended, revealing a massive space with several different sections focusing on one particular innovation. All of the production cues were timed with some really energetic borderline-clubbing music.
The Nike Kobe 10 Elite What The is essentially a farewell and celebration of Kobe Bryant’s 10th signature sneaker with Nike since the Kobe 11 will be debuting at the beginning of the new year. Nike celebrates the Black Mamba’s 20th and final season in the NBA with bright prints and color-ups. Details from previous Kobe shoes have been mashed up and turned ‘inside-out’ to symbolize order cheap jordans online Kobe’s true colors, both on and off the court. Furthermore, gold/copper accents are placed on the sheath logo located on its tongue tab.
Nike Sportswear got their hands on the KD 8, and what did they put together? Simply the best take on the shoe yet.The Nike KD 8 EXT Vachetta Tan Sports the clean lines and sleek silhouette of the on-court KD 8, but swaps out the performance Flyweave construction in favor of a luxe, buttery tan leather upper thats almost entirely seamless. Perforated logos on the tongues and sides keep the branding subtle, minimal, and a white sole and orange Zoom Air cushioning deliver contrast in a cool, complementary style.The Nike KD 8 EXT Vachetta Tan releases Saturday, March 5. Retails $200.

Updates you can expect to see in DeskTime version 2.0

We’re excited – this week will mark the launch of DeskTime 2.0! 

We’ve had a lot of feedback from users, and have implemented many ideas. Here are just a few that you can expect to see next week:

1. Productivity Level Tracking

Not only is your time tracked, but your level of productivity as well. You can keep track to see when you’re least/most productive. Use this info to plan your day!

2. Reports for everyone!

Previously, only administrators had access to the reports section. Though they’ll be the only ones to see the whole company’s productivity, regular and individual users will also be able to see statistics on their own productivity. This offers the chance for the regular user to take advantage of the software even more, to make the most of the day. 

3. Export names of individual files

This feature’s been asked for a lot. The option to export to XLS not only the names of the applications used, but also of the file names within that application. 

Those are just a few of the many updates, we’ll be sure to post more with time!


Time-tracking basics 🙂


In Response

Our recent infographic seems to be creating some buzz in the internet atmosphere about the very nature of time tracking, what it fundamentally means to be productive, and its repercussions on workplace . I’d like to address the criticism, namely, that the infographic is measuring the wrong data, and that this time-tracking dehumanizes and creates a negative work atmosphere.

Measuring wrong data?

First, let me point out, that our infographic is biased, and based on the average company, where facebook and twitter use isn’t considered pertinent for everyone. You should look at the infographic keeping in mind differences in job descriptions and firm core functions, because it’ll be different for everyone.

We’re not saying that facebook and twitter are unproductive. For example, the person responsible for the upkeep of social media for a company is able to set their productivity setting for those specific applications as “productive”. This is obviously considered productive time for them. Nothing’s set in stone, and there is room for adjustment to individual needs.

It should be understood that this tool is mostly relevant for companies and people whose job is centered around computer work. That way it’ll give you the most accurate response. Of course, if you have meetings you can add them to your productive time, and for those who say that socializing with co-workers is the best way to learn, then add that too! It’ll go straight to productive time.

Negative work atmosphere?

People who are using DeskTime or time tracking applications aren’t dictators or monsters. No one uses DeskTime to be a tyrant. This is used generally to flag HR that someone is, for example, consistently showing up late, or spending 2 hours on a task that should’ve taken 10 minutes. We’re all human, and the application of this app is in the hands of your own HR – it’s your choice how you use it. Some people use DeskTime exclusively to reward the most productive employees, adding employee incentives.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten that you can always switch on private time. No one’ forcing you to be productive all of the time. Your HR will of course understand taking a 20 minute break to check up on the latest web videos or tweets.

In fact, there are many benefits, which actually improve the working atmosphere. Here are some.

Of course there are always drawbacks in the functionality of the app, it can’t ever be 100% accurate. But this app is made to be used as a tool to help you in increasing your productivity, and giving you a better idea of the tendencies at your workplace, and to see what you can improve or capitalize on. In the end, you would want to be able to increase productivity if you could, right?

We do want to hear from you, if you have any comments, feel free to contact us at, or start up a conversation in twitter, we’re @desktimecom

Economic Irony

US productivity is up by 0.7% in quarter 4 of 2011, as described in the press release given out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to this article, productivity increased during the recession by about 4%, but as we see now, this number has drastically decreased.