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Economic Irony

US productivity is up by 0.7% in quarter 4 of 2011, as described in the press release given out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to this article, productivity increased during the recession by about 4%, but as we see now, this number has drastically decreased.

Welcome to the Blog World!

The day has finally come, DeskTime has entered the blogging world. It’s scary out there, but someone’s got to do it.

Here we’ll be sharing the world and how we see it. This means a mixture of things you totally need to know about the latest internet fad, tips and tricks about hacking your time productivity, and ok, fine, some updates on DeskTime and things you might want to know about using it.

We’ll try to blend a balance of useful fun, and useful serious stuff. Keyword here being “useful”. You’ll want to check back here, to keep yourself updated, have your burning DeskTime questions asked, or just to spend a few “useful” (hah, remember this word?) minutes. 

So with that, we officially announce this blog to be open!