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Do Shorter Workdays Make Us More Productive?

Sweden thinks so, as several companies are experimenting with 6-hour workdays. They’re reporting greater profits, happier employees, and, perhaps surprisingly, more productivity. With North Americans typically working an average of 8.7 hours a day, it’s hard not to be envious of our Scandinavian counterparts.

The length of the workday has evolved over time. The Industrial Revolution saw the boom of factory work and middle-class jobs. Most people employed at factories worked an average of 10-16 hours a day, six days a week. This didn’t change until Henry Ford implemented 8-hour workdays for his employees in 1914. This standard has stayed the same since.

Maybe the rest of the world should take a cue from Sweden and re-evaluate the standard workday. Employee needs have changed since the early 1900s and it’s time to accommodate new norms and working conditions.

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Long Working Hours: Not a Road to Productivity

It’s safe to say that the question of longer working hours as leading to greater productivity is far from being solved. The first step in clarifying this issue is understanding that productivity is not just about the actual time devoted to work – it also involves and is affected by nutrition, exercise and, perhaps most importantly, sleeping habits.

What Does the Research Show?

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How to deal with the ‘’big brother’’ feeling in the office?


That moment when you realize that the working day is almost over and you still haven’t done anything… It’s frustrating, we agree. And this is when that scary ‘’big brother’’ feeling may come up.

You know, the one which makes you think that your boss will come at your desk in a minute, and ask why did you spend 45 minutes on non-productive apps today. Facebook and Youtube, specifically.

If your company is using DeskTime, then you should know that it highlights only extreme cases. So, only if you are spending hours on non-productive apps regularly, or come to work late every day, it will be noticed. Still feeling uncomfortable with the time-tracking software on your desktop? We summarized a few tips that will hopefully help you to deal with that anxious feeling.

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How to Deal with an Overwhelming Workload

We’ve all been there – the feeling that you’re drowning under a pile of only growing work. As the feeling overwhelms you, you think, how on earth am I going to deal with this?

This is something I’ve been dealing with recently, and in stead of simply tossing up my hands and saying it’s impossible, I decided that I owe at least myself, if not my many bosses, to at least try to conquer the glorious mountain of work.

So it’s on. I decided that I would to EVERYTHING to the maximum, use every moment I had, stretch my attention to the max. I was going to have a week of ultra-productivity.

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