Employee Efficiency 101: Productivity Through Motivation

As an employer, one of the ultimate concerns you’ll face on a daily basis is how productive your employees are at work. Office productivity directly influences your business’ profits, meaning that any measures taken to keep your staff motivated will make the company more productive as a whole. We’ve cracked the office productivity formula – and these are just some of the ways you can maximise your employees’ output.


Office Optimisation

If you’re looking for maximum output, make sure your office is designed to facilitate that. Your office’s desk groupings should reflect regular employee collaborations, and ensure that there are isolated spaces available for important calls or independent work. As the flexible office movement continues to spread, employers are looking for innovative office layouts with the power to streamline operations – and you should be too.

Balancing Work & Life

Any threats to your employees’ work-life balance pose a threat to their happiness and, undeniably, to their sense of motivation at work. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to help your staff manage their work and home life, be it through addressing heavy workloads or championing an open culture within the office. Employees who feel they can express their doubts and concerns will have the support system they need to function at their best.


Employee Development

Rather than viewing your staff as one complete unit, remember to recognize and acknowledge the ways that your employees are different. By identifying individuality amongst your team, especially individual potential – you can help employees to develop within (and even beyond) their roles, which makes your business a more capable and productive one overall.

Promoting Progress

A culture of positivity within the office is proven to have a significant impact upon employee productivity. Introducing reward and incentive schemes demonstrates to your staff that their efforts are acknowledged and valued. This instils a sense of team achievement within the office that will help your employees understand their collective role and impact.


Resource Management

Identifying and utilizing the technologies that can benefit your business is sure to maximise productivity. Software solutions with the potential to streamline office procedures mean greater efficiency business-wide. Providing your staff with the training required to use these technologies effectively is an incredibly worthwhile investment in the long-term, making the very most of your employees’ valuable time as they are able to grow to a higher level of performance.

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