Employee performance reviews: productive or destructive?

Instead of effecting positive change in employee behavior and productivity, traditional performance reviews not only fail to create the desired response, but some 30% end up decreasing employee performance, according to research from FindMyShift.com.

It’s up to managers to make the dialogue in the annual performance review as employee-friendly as possible. The first step – move away from top-down approaches. If you want your employees to engage, you have to make them feel valued. And here’s why: engagement and feeling valued open the door to increased productivity and heightened performance across the workforce. Sounds convincing enough!

Take a look at this infographic and find other tips how to make your annual employee performance reviews as effective as possible!


About the author
Mark Feldman is the CTO for Findmyshift.com that helps companies organize staff with versatile time tracking and scheduling capabilities. Mark writes about surprisingly easy tricks to get more from your employees.

One thought on “Employee performance reviews: productive or destructive?

  1. Guilherme

    The amount of stress that goes into them is crazy,
    I often find that keeping a monthly dashboard on the status visible to key stakeholders facilitates discussion up-front and also forces people to face reality now and not later leading to better results.

    A good mark of a performance review is when you go quickly through what must be discussed and move to what the employee would like to discuss because in the end the job of a manager is to empower his team.


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