Hidden Features – Private Time

Though “Private Time” isn’t necessarily hidden, it is a feature that not everyone may have noticed. We figured we’d talk about it anyway.

The mentality of the DeskTime developers is that we respect the time of each individual. This is why 1) everyone always knows that their time is being tracked, and 2) you have the option to turn on private time at any moment, when you need to do your own stuff. This way employees are in charge of their own time management.

So when do you use Private Time? Whenever you would like to do anything that’s not work related. For example, check your personal email, Facebook profile, search for a new apartment, you get the idea.

The time you spend under Private Time won’t be counted towards your working time. So this is a fair system – the time you spend in sites that you don’t want tracked, also don’t count towards the time you spend at work.

How do you turn on private time? Simple. Find your desktop icon (for Macs it’s the top-right corner, for Windows it’s the bottom right), click on it, and Private Time will one of the options.

To get out of Private Time, just click on the same text.

For any questions, we’re always happy to respond at support@desktime.com, or leave a comment right here!

3 thoughts on “Hidden Features – Private Time

  1. Alex

    Please add the feature of Private Time Timers. For example, when I got to lunch, I might use that time to do some personal stuff, but I always forget to click out of private time. It would be awesome if I could chose to be in private time for 1 hour and after that it’ll automatically switch me back to working/tracking time.

    1. Krista Krumina

      Hi Alex,
      Right, we don’t have such feature yet. But you can set a reminder for a specific period of time (e.g., 1 hour), and it’ll remind you to change.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Dion

    Hi guys,

    I can’t find how to set DeskTime into Private Time in my Windows 8. The option I have on bottom right icon is only Private Time Reminder without being able to set into Private Time.

    Can you please manage to fix this as I find DeskTime is a very useful application.


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