How to be more productive at the computer

One of the most telling sayings about your productivity is this one question: “Am I being productive, or am I just being busy?”

In this age of computers, social media, microblogging and short attention spans, it’s simple to wean away your day technically doing something (like stumbling upon or pinning), but not really achieving anything.

One suggestion, ask yourself this one question: What is the one thing I have to do today, to make sure that this day has been worth while?

When asking yourself this question, you identify the aspects of life that are important for you to achieve. When putting a focus on those, then your life gains more meaning, rather than widdling away your time on pinterest, planning the perfect wedding.

Track your time, to understand your daily computer using habits. Once you understand where your time is being drained, then you can cut it out of your habits. Here are some steps to eliminate wasted time at the computer;

1. Define a purpose for your computer time Set yourself a goal, for example, I will check email, I will complete this task, I will send a message to one friend. When setting purposes to your computer time, then you’re getting straight to it, and avoiding dilly dallying around other sites.

2. Schedule time for social media By doing this, you’re able to get your social media and facebook checking out of your system. When you learn to limit yourself to the specific timeframe that you’ve allotted to the specific task, then you’ll be free from the need to check what’s going on every ten minutes.

3. Limit email checking This is something that many of us are guilty of. Try to limit your email checking per day. Try three times – once in the morning, once at midday, and once in the evening. It will concentrate your time in these time slots, and will leave the rest of your day open to work on your other tasks.

Though this is all easier said than done, and won’t happen overnight, start with small steps and see your time multiply.

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