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Our recent infographic seems to be creating some buzz in the internet atmosphere about the very nature of time tracking, what it fundamentally means to be productive, and its repercussions on workplace . I’d like to address the criticism, namely, that the infographic is measuring the wrong data, and that this time-tracking dehumanizes and creates a negative work atmosphere.

Measuring wrong data?

First, let me point out, that our infographic is biased, and based on the average company, where facebook and twitter use isn’t considered pertinent for everyone. You should look at the infographic keeping in mind differences in job descriptions and firm core functions, because it’ll be different for everyone.

We’re not saying that facebook and twitter are unproductive. For example, the person responsible for the upkeep of social media for a company is able to set their productivity setting for those specific applications as “productive”. This is obviously considered productive time for them. Nothing’s set in stone, and there is room for adjustment to individual needs.

It should be understood that this tool is mostly relevant for companies and people whose job is centered around computer work. That way it’ll give you the most accurate response. Of course, if you have meetings you can add them to your productive time, and for those who say that socializing with co-workers is the best way to learn, then add that too! It’ll go straight to productive time.

Negative work atmosphere?

People who are using DeskTime or time tracking applications aren’t dictators or monsters. No one uses DeskTime to be a tyrant. This is used generally to flag HR that someone is, for example, consistently showing up late, or spending 2 hours on a task that should’ve taken 10 minutes. We’re all human, and the application of this app is in the hands of your own HR – it’s your choice how you use it. Some people use DeskTime exclusively to reward the most productive employees, adding employee incentives.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten that you can always switch on private time. No one’ forcing you to be productive all of the time. Your HR will of course understand taking a 20 minute break to check up on the latest web videos or tweets.

In fact, there are many benefits, which actually improve the working atmosphere. Here are some.

Of course there are always drawbacks in the functionality of the app, it can’t ever be 100% accurate. But this app is made to be used as a tool to help you in increasing your productivity, and giving you a better idea of the tendencies at your workplace, and to see what you can improve or capitalize on. In the end, you would want to be able to increase productivity if you could, right?

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