Methods for Becoming a More Productive Employee

According to Gallup employee research, only 13 percent of employees are invested in their work. The employee feedback survey also indicated that 63 percent of people are not at all engaged or motivated in their work. With only 24 percent of employees reporting being actively engaged in their work, it’s no wonder why employees are very concerned about employee productivity.

What are the top reasons people enjoy their jobs?

Employees who enjoy their jobs often report in employee surveys liking their co-workers. People who love their jobs report a high degree of autonomy and flexibility in their roles. Individuals who enjoy the culture and the work environment are more likely to have job satisfaction. Job variety is another commonly cited reason why people report enjoying their job. Employees thrive in environments where they are being adequately challenged.

Job satisfaction and employee productivity

Employees who feel satisfied with their jobs are more productive in general. According to an article called the “Current Directions in Psychological Science” published in the Association for Psychological Science, employees need several things in order to feel more engaged in their positions. Autonomy, variety, growth, social support and feedback are all essential in improving employee performance. In satisfying these basic needs, employees can be much more effective and engaged.

Getting and opinion

Management can create more productive employees by meeting the basic social needs. Managers may take it a step further and use an employee feedback survey as something of a barometer to assess employee satisfaction. Conducting employee research, focusing on areas like benefits, recognition and supervisor feedback can all be instrumental in improving work conditions that promote productivity. Many employees make the mistake of not tracking job satisfaction. Having access to key data made available through employee surveys improve the company’s ability implement the right incentives and measures that can increase job satisfaction. 

Companies must be capable of meeting basic needs. Employees can be much more engaged with the right balance of autonomy, employee recognition, feedback, challenge and social support. In measuring key indicators tied to employee performance and job satisfaction, employers can dramatically increase productivity with their employees.

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