The reality of staying motivated at work

Top 3 of tips from real professionals at a workplace

Different tools and methods are available online to keep your mind to stay in focus. Google has become the nr.1 instrument when you are searching for inspiration, which helps you get thousands of tips and ways of staying inspired, motivated and focused on your work. But one question remains: how to apply them in your real workplace? How to focus on the work you are doing?

In a perfect situation, the tips and tricks we learn from Google becomes our new habit of motivation. Yet the reality is a bit different – we get lost in the jungle of productivity tips that can be found on Google, but never truly apply any of them in our real work life. And even if we do, it lasts for a week or less.

 It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, accountant, engineer or designer. What matters is: how to actually stay motivated? So we approached some real life professionals, ordinary people who sometimes struggles with finding motivation at work just like anyone else – and asked them to share their productivity secrets. Here we’ve gathered the top tips they shared, and made a list of resources to help you create an effective “To Do List”.

Untitled-1Engineers Andris Igaunis and Uldis Kaucis answered quickly, for them, being adequately paid is the driving force. Nevertheless, a cup of good coffee sometimes is exactly what is needed to stay  focused at work. However, in third place they place the achievements of tasks accomplished and knowing that they work in a prestigious workplace.

MikusProgrammer Mikus Rozenbergs lists his top 3 as follows: music, which helps him avoid distractions, the inertia of daily routine and switching tasks.

JuliaMarketing manager Julia mentions Temptation Bundling as an effective method to avoid procrastination. This term includes reducing the amount of time that people devote to temptation, meanwhile increasing the amount of positive habits. Second, she reads. Hopefully, this needs no more explanation, as marketing asks for staying creative and inspired most of the time, reading is one of the core activities to gain new ideas. Third, “changing the work environment or using a standing desk can improve motivation”, she admits.

AgneseDesigner Agnese Bite points out her top 3. First, it’s setting a “To Do List” for the day. Second, it is setting a clearly defined task that helps her to stay focused. Third, it is a break with espresso that re-energizes.

SantaHuman Resource manager Santa Lice-Kruze sets her top 3. Number one for her is having a purpose and a goal for her work, which ‘’really helps to stay in focus,’’ she claims. Next, is setting a “To Do List” with clearly listed priorities, similarly as for the designer. Finally, it’s the realization that she does what she loves.

DavisProject manager Davis Siksnans shares his tips. For him, nr.1 is having a clear vision and goals of his work, followed by having a working environment free of obstruction. And finally, nr.3 for Davis is working in the right place, working in a field you enjoy and love.

IlzeAccountant Ilze shares similar ideas as most of the tips that can be found online, and it means – sometimes they really work. Nr.1 thing for her is to have an organized and clean workspace. Nr.2 is taking a break and going outside of the office and nr.3 is the working environment as such, which helps her focusing on the work. For example, ‘’having motivated co-workers can be great for productivity too,’’ she adds.

Productivity is not just about practical issues

Results of our research show that meanwhile online tips of staying motivated and focused highlights to stop multitasking, the reality shows that it is exactly the thing necessary for increasing your motivation at work. Our professionals interviewed mentioned that multitasking allows them to stay inspired during a hard workday. Reading is considered as one of favourites in different motivational tops and turns out to be true in the reality, especially for people working in the field of marketing. Similarly it is with “To Do List”, having organized and clean workspace and a cup of good coffee. These little things are useful not only in theory but in the practice as well.

So, as the reality of staying motivated at work deals with not only emotional feelings but with practical issues as well. We already wrote that having an effective ‘’To Do List’’ is probably the best way to stay productive and motivated at work. So here we’ve found the top 5 printable ”To Do Lists” you can try out:

  1. Your “Freakin` Never Ending To Do List” from Jamie Lynne Creative helps you to organize your daily tasks with its clear and constructive design.
  2. “I Heart Planners” printable ensures that you not only have a constructive plan for your daily work tasks but can manage your fitness goals, meals and household stuff as well.
  3. “A Pair Of Pears” planner gives you the possibility to set the goals for whole week. If you prefer thinking ahead, choose this one.
  4. “The Creativity Exchange” planner is perfectly designed for you, if your daily “To Do List” deals with several different tasks. You can easily distinguish e-mails and calls from “cooking wishlist” and other types of operations.
  5. This idea of organizing your “To Do List” from “Clean And Scentsible” is ideal if you prefer visualization and graphical illustrations. You can inspire from this example and create your own board that will help you focusing on the work you are doing.

Hopefully, these tips and tools will help you stay focused and motivated throughout your workday!

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