What is the difference between app productivity levels?

All of the tracked apps in DeskTime are divided into three Productivity levels: Productive apps (green), Unproductive apps (orange), and Neutral apps (grey). These Productivity levels can differ from team to team. For example - what counts as productive for social media managers won't probably work for programmers.

  • Productive - Apps/URLs that are important to a team's work;
  • Unproductive  - Apps/URLs viewed during working hours distract from job tasks and are completely irrelevant to users' work.
  • Neutral - Apps/URLs that are being used daily but neither interferes nor distracts from work nor is it directly involved in getting the job done;

DeskTime account's Admins or Owner can manage the Productivity level of tracked applications/URLs. To learn how it is done, please visit this page.

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