How do DeskTime auto screenshots work?

The DeskTime screenshots feature lets account admins capture employees’ computer screens in random time intervals. That way managers can view their employees’ activity throughout the day, and have bigger control over company’s time resources.

DeskTime auto screen capture can be enabled for the whole company or for specific users.  

Screen capture for a company can be enabled under Settings -> Company.

You can choose to blur or not to blur captured screenshots. 

To enable screen capture for one or a few employees go to Settings -> Employees and Edit employee and check in to allow capture screenshots in the same way as under Settings -> Company.

DeskTime will highlight all suspicious or unproductive screen captures, so you won’t have to go through all your screenshots. The ”suspicious” screenshots will be marked with an exclamation mark, while all ”unproductive” screenshots will have a red frame around them.

All screenshots will be stored in a new section called Screenshots. Suspicious and unproductive screenshots will be visible for Admins in the Dashboard section. All captured screenshots are visible also in each user's profile in My DeskTime section.

To learn more about Screenshots read our blog - The complete guide to using the DeskTime screenshots.