How to record/track time manually?

DeskTime app is a time tracking software, which counts the total time spent on a computer and what kind of apps have been used or which websites the user has visited. However, once there has been no computer mouse movements or keyboard inputs for more than 3 minutes (this period can be changed), the DeskTime app automatically starts counting Idle time. There are multiple ways to manually record the time the user has spent away from their computer:

1. You can see the Idle time in the My DeskTime section, or you can export reports where the Idle time has been counted for you. Learn how to export reports here.

2. It is possible to add time manually if you have been in a meeting or on a lunch break. Learn how to do that here.

3. It is possible to integrate the DeskTime app with either Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. In that case, all scheduled meetings in the calendar will automatically add an offline time to your Productivity bar if you were away from the computer. 

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