Why there is no data collected for me?

There might be several reasons why there is no data being displayed on your dashboard.

  • The most common reason is closed/ not running application. This is also relevant in cases when you have switched the computer. It is mandatory to have Desktime application running in the systems background. If you’re Windows or Linux user, search for the DeskTime app in your taskbar(lower right corner of the screen).

If you’re a Mac user, search for the app in upper right corner of the screen. If the app is not there, search for the app in your program’s list and start it manually. 

If you are unable to locate the app on your computer, you can download it on the link here.

Aside from that, there are different aspects as well. 

  • If you're an administrator check if the account has IP restrictions.  There will be no data collected if the user is outside the IP restricted network.
  • Usually for Saturday and Sunday – these days are not marked as work days for you.  Account  Admin or Owner can change it in “Settings” -> “Employees” for each employee.
  • Internet connection problems- double check if your internet connection is stable.

If you checked all these reasons but DeskTime still does not work write to support@desktime.com