Can I track different websites instead of a Chrome or Firefox application?

If you run the latest DeskTime version - no extension needed. DeskTime will track all URLs (except Linux). The latest DeskTime app version is always available here.

If your DeskTime application is not tracking URLs but only capturing the name of the web browser:

If the URLs are still not being tracked, please contact us on [email protected] and provide us the following details:

  • Screenshot with the Web browser version you are using;
  • Screenshot with your computer properties;
  • The language you are using your Web browser in.


For all Linux users and for those who use an older DeskTime version for Windows it is required to install the browser extension. The extension will allow you to have a URL breakdown. You will be able to see a particular URL as an application instead of Chrome, for example. Please follow the links below to install the Extensions:

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