How do I add work time manually?

To make your time tracking even more accurate, you can log time that you've spent away from the computer.

When you return to your computer after being away for a while, you'll see on your Productivity bar that there is a gap of time that has not been tracked. Click on the gap.

A pop-up box will appear, and you will be able to enter what you've been doing. You can indicate the time period spent using the green slider option or by typing the time manually into the boxes.

Afterward, you can indicate the description of the absence, for example, "meeting with investors", as well as assign the time period to a project, if needed.

After you have entered the description, mark whether the offline time was productive, neutral or unproductive. It is also possible to assign the offline time to a specific project and define its productivity. Once saved, the offline time will appear in your Productivity bar.


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