How to start using the DeskTime (set up, installation, launch) ?

To begin using DeskTime, at first, you have to Sign up. No credit card required.

You will receive an invitation e-mail and will be prompted to download the desktop application. DeskTime will automatically offer you the correct file to download, based on the OS system you have. 

After downloading the application, you should launch it. Mac users should select the icon in the applications folder, and windows users should double click the icon on their Downloads folder. Make sure you log into DeskTime when the window pops up. This will allow you to start tracking the time.

You can then see your tracked time by going to DeskTime webpage, and logging in, or you can access your profile by clicking on the small icon in your System tray (bottom right corner for Windows users, and top right corner for Mac users).

See instructions of the process in the video below: