How do I add project time to my invoice?

When creating an invoice, you can use the tracked project time from DeskTime to add worked hours directly into your invoice. To do so, click on the 'Add project time' button. 

This will open a new window where you can select a project to add time from to your invoice.

From here, follow these steps: 

1. Select teams or employees to gather the project data from.

2. Select the time period to gather the project data from. You can choose a time period of up to one year. Keep in mind that a large time period will also take a long while to load the data.

3. Choose a project and optionally, one or more tasks from it. If you select no tasks, all of the tracked time from that project will be imported.

4. Choose to import all tracked time or only productive time from the project.

5. Click on save.



You can add multiple projects to your invoice by using the 'Add project time' function several times. Each time a new item will appear in the Invoice positions section.