How do I download, print or edit an invoice?

When opening an invoice, there are multiple functions available to operate with it. These functions are explained below:

Print - Opens the invoice file in a separate browser tab. From here, you can use your web browser's tools to either print or download the invoice PDF file. This function will differ depending on what browser you are using.

Edit - Opens the invoice editing window for this invoice, where you can alter or add details. This function can not be used if the invoice has already been paid or sent to a client.

Duplicate - Opens a new invoice editing window, with all of the details duplicated from this invoice. This will create a new, separate invoice if you save it.

Archive - This function will move this invoice to the Archive. Invoices in the Archive will not be counted towards any statistics. They can be unarchived using the same function. 

An invoice can only be archived by the person who created it.

Delete - This function will delete the invoice, with no option to restore it. 

An invoice can only be deleted by the person who created it.


From the main list of invoices, you can also directly use the Download function, as well as delete or archive multiple invoices at once by using the checkboxes on the left of each invoice.

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