How can I add employees using third party integrations?

To add new members to your DeskTime account using third-party integrations G SUITE or SLACK, you have to be either a Company admin, user admin, or the company owner. Go to the Settings -> Team members section and look for a green button Add team member. Afterwards, choose how would you like to add new members:


1. Click on the Slack icon and sign in using your workplace's slack URL:

2. Confirm your identity on DeskTime by clicking on the "Authorize" button:

G suite:

1. Click on the Gmail icon and sign in using your Google account:

2. Allow DeskTime to access your Google account data by pressing on the button "Allow":

3. Choose, which users you would like to add to your DeskTime account, or Select all. Choose, whether to send an invitation E-mail to the new DeskTime member's E-mail address, or not. In the end, click the green button below Invite.

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