Is there an silent DeskTime version available?

DeskTime also has a 'Silent' desktop app version that hides the DeskTime icon in the computer's taskbar. While the application will still be running in the background, it will not show any notifications or icons. Please note that this version is only available for Windows computers.


To use the Silent version, follow these steps:

1. Add all employees to your DeskTime account. You will need to know their email logins and passwords. Information on how to add employees to your account can be found here. 

If you do not want your employees to receive an email about joining DeskTime, you need to remove the checkmark from "Send invite email to team members". Also, choose the option to add members using a CSV file (that can be downloaded from the option) - you can set up their passwords using the file.



2. Download and install the Silent DeskTime app version to each employee's computer locally. If the regular DeskTime version is already installed, make sure to uninstall it beforehand. The download link for the Silent version can be found here.

3. Log in to the application using the employee's login details.

Afterward, DeskTime will be hidden and track the user's time in the system background. Their data will show up in the DeskTime application web profile normally and can be viewed by the Account owner and admins.


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