What report types are available to export?

There are 11 types of reports available to export as XLS (Excel) files:

  • Employees - Provides information about employee working times, arrival and leaving times, and productivity.
  • Applications - Shows all of the applications used by the selected employees and the time spent on each.
  • Productivity bar apps - Shows all of the used applications in specific times of the day for a single employee.
  • Windows Title - Provides information on all the visited URL's/documents and the time spent on each.
  • Offline time - Shows how much offline time each employee has entered each day
  • Projects - Shows information on what projects and tasks have been worked on in the selected time period, including their costs.
  • Projects/Employees - Generates data on what projects and tasks each user has worked on each day and for how long.
  • Projects/Apps - Shows what applications have been used while working on each project for each day by the selected employees.
  • Absence - Provides an overview for absences and their types taken by employees that year.
  • Schedules - Shows all of the appointed shifts for the selected employees, their arrival times, productivity data and worked hours.
  • Overtime - Shows how much overtime the selected employees have worked (time over the minimum hours specified in the settings or Shift).

Please follow the link here to learn how to export reports.

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