How can I change the status of an application?

You can change the status of an application when you got to Settings-> Apps productivity or directly from My DeskTime section.

At first, choose the group for which you would like to change productivity settings. Select all applications which productivity settings you would like to change. Then scroll down the page, select the new productivity setting in the drop-down and click "Assing".

For example, you want all of the applications that are in the “Productive” category to be changed to “Unproductive”. Click on "Select all" button, scroll down the page, select the “Unproductive” category in the drop-down list, and click “Assign”. Do the same for other applications in a different category.

NB! Only account owners and administrators can change the application productivity. If you do not have this access please reach out to your DeskTime account owner.

See video instructions on how to change application productivity on the video below.