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Partially productive apps/websites

By Christos Savva 3 years ago

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Some apps or websites may be used for productivity or not at some points in time. For example I use Facetime for family but also a client and the app is marked as Unproductive. If the client calls I would like to designate that time as productive.

Maciej 1 month ago
I would like to have something similar: the feature to choose if an app is productive or unproductive depending on the project. For example, I waste a lot of time on Facebook. But for some projects, my duty is to manage some tasks on Facebook. So in those cases even I spend my time there, it's not unproductive
Denny Rimong 3 months ago
How about adding a feature that allows user to manually edit their unproductive-time similar to how manual offline-time editing works. This way a user can, for example, edit an unproductive youtube time to productive if they are using youtube for research/work. Then an admin can approve/reject the manual unproductive-time editing.
Ekrem Küçük 8 months ago
For example a browser can be used as browsing for shopping or web page design(productive)
Nikos Papadopoulos 1 year ago
If Desktime is tracking the app window title then maybe productive locations/names can be added to a whitelist, configurable either per project or per app. So if I'm using Facetime to talk to client John Doe, the name will match the whitelist and get marked as productive time. But if I'm talking to family, that's neutral or even unproductive ;)
Akshit Zaveri 2 years ago
@Travis van der Font, Maybe DeskTime can offer a way which shows links opened by the user on Facebook/YouTube etc and the Manager/User can select if that link was productive/unproductive.
Carla De-Padova 2 years ago
This would also be REALLY useful for me. My employees use Facebook for managing our business pages and business-related group which is productive but they also use it occasionally personally as well, which needs to be classes as unproductive.
Same with YouTube & Vimeo. They use it for watching videos related to work but can sometimes use it personally as well and I'd like to be able to diffrentiate
Travis van der Font 2 years ago
Interesting input.
But how should Desktime be able to tell when the user is using it an 'app/websites' for being productive and not?
Alex Zavrazhniy 2 years ago
Yeah, that would be useful

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