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Time Previews

By Richard Keehn

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I wasn't sure about a term for this. But, right now DeskTime does not show what your total time looks like when you're waiting for approvals on away from desk times. For example, if you go to a meeting and have to submit a time request. It's difficult to calculate your actual total time. So what I recommend is that if we're waiting for time approvals, we have some option to see what our total time would be with the pending approval added.


Please don’t get me wrong. My son played soccer and has a black belt in tae kwon do. I have played many different sports and love to spend a weekend afternoon enjoying a hot dog from the cheap seats at Fenway.

What I love more is the fact that as much as his racial identity has engendered heated debate, Barack Obama, by virtue of being a black or biracial president (however you choose to see it), has created a new opportunity for male role models in our country. The publicity surrounding his rise to fame, his campaign, and his election to office has placed him in celebrity status with kids usually reserved for film and sports stars.

I bring up Barack Obama because not every kid has a dad at home to be a role model in place of A-Rod or Michael Phelps. Eathan’s kids are lucky he’s a great father and mentor. Perhaps our President no more wants to be a role model than Charles Barkley. But I’d rather see my kid emulating Barack Obama than an NBA star. Barkley’s reputation comes from doing one thing and doing it well. Obama’s comes from his integrity, his smarts, his commitment to his family, and his graciousness in the face of adversity. You could do worse.

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