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Admin Permissions

By Sayed Shekew 6 months ago

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We Want to be able to set admin permission and users privileges by assigning user roles to create custom User roles with specific privileges

Kris 2 days ago

The affair dating site Ashley Madison repeatedly stirs up controversy with its moderately tactless advertising campaign attempts, such as that one poster with the BBW. In the past Noel Biderman, the site’s CEO, has also tried to plaster the slogas “Life is short. Have an affair.” on trains, rename an airport, and sponsor an Italian Basketball team.

Now Biderman is offering funding for zoos in Toronto that are in danger of shutting down. All he wants in return is the ability to rename the zoos he funds, hopefully with racy names so we can laugh and write a blog post about it.

Biderman can’t seem to understand why people don’t like the idea of this sponsorship, and why his previous controversial marketing ideas didn’t take. Biderman said that Canada “is a province now where there will be potentially legalized brothels [...] But a company that’s been around for a decade people can’t get their head around? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Personally I don’t really want Toronto zoos to be renamed “Animal Affair Town” or “Adultery Animal Zoo Place”. It just seems a bit of a weird sponsorship.

Got ideas?

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