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Activity Mouse

By Leandro Alvarenga 3 years ago

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For accurate activity, the desktop apps track the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes your employees make.

Kris 3 days ago

I get it. I really do.
You are motivated and driven to find success in your career, but you are also unhappy, stressed and on the brink of becoming burnt out. Somewhere between your desire to impress your boss, climb the corporate ladder, feed your family and build your resume by taking on every project you can at work, you have created a work life that is entirely too stressful for you.
You have taken on more than you can handle, and you seem to be working more hours than most other people in your office and worst of all – your family may be suffering. You may not even enjoy working at your job anymore, and yet you spend almost every waking moment working or thinking about working.
The alternative may seem to be giving up on your dream of climbing the corporate ladder by letting your work commitments slide. However, there is a third option that may allow you to enjoy professional success and to reduce stress at the same time. The fact is that you can work smarter rather than harder to find a higher level of professional success.

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