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Break time, lunch time,

By shankar narayanan

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when employees want to take tea break, lunch break there should be some provision to track.

Adrian Grant
schdeuled lunch\break would be great
Workstation 101
Desktime tracks productive time. I run a professional office for engineering tasks.

My concern is only with net productivity during the work week. It should not matter if your star employee has 15 breaks each day if their performance is at peak level. If you have a slacker on-board, that is already apparent in the Desktime summary.

Flex time makes happy employees. I'm not going to babysit adults. We are modifying our company guidelines to use Desktime summary reports as the benchmark for hours worked.

If you weren't productive, you were not at "work"

What's a reasonable expectation for % of effective attention (productive time) that is expected from an employee?
I'd be really happy with 80%.
Amit Jha, Braahmam
Agree with you all. These breaks should be in accordance with the standards of the company (configurable) on top level as well as if there're some different requirements for set of functions, reason being in companies there could be more breaks allowed for a function then rest of the functions of the company.
The other thing is a just suggestion the way it can be done with very less development efforts, (especially with the silent installation) is to sync it up with the no activity mechanism, which will pop up with the defined set of inactivity feed in the system. The moment system identifies inactivity meeting the standards/ custom function requirement, it will show a pop-up in the window scree for use to select an option and/ or feed the comments. This way inactive time off that track can also be monitored, if someone is using it. Our fellas here can share their thoughts as well to improvise these ideas. Thanks
Allan Smith
I think an even more important feature is what Heidi mentioned below... being impossible to edit time slots (such as private time into something else) is really terrible if you could make sure that edited time is flagged as edited, with a history of what it was before it was edited if you are too concerned about people lying, this would be the biggest improvement to the system in my opinion
Heidi Haynes
Yes! My employees use Private time now to log breaks but heaven forbid they forget to turn it off... it’s such a pain since they can’t edit that time.
Samuel Yarmagyan
simple feature request. This feature would make a world of a difference for us!
Erik Bailey
We would like to see a standard lunch and other break option in the employee setup [Lunch break (minutes) ] [other break minutes] with a feature that alerts if the agent is over similar to late or absent.

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