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Leave Management

By Vipin 3 years ago

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There should be a feature to manage to number of leaves entitled for an employee along with leave exhaust. Once the leaves are exhausted the absence should be marked as LOP's. Management should be able to see leave available for users and pull out the data for that individually.

Kris 2 months ago

I could go on about getting pissed out of my head and slobbering allover the boyf on Friday, expressing when I was still drunk at 5am, being given a tour of the contents of Q's kitchen by her 6 year old as I staggered around behind her with a whopper of a hangover at 8am, or having to go for an emergency dental appointment and making a tit out of myself with the dentist... However, before I say anything about all that, I have just found out that Baggage Reclaim the blog I created to discuss dating and relationships has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best UK Weblog Category of The 2007 Weblog Awards!

I found out a short while ago by accident and there are only THREE days left to vote and the other blogs have been canvassing already! I refuse to be last so I beg you to cast your votes and if you don't mind doing a click a day for me till the 8th, it'd be much appreciated! Vote, vote, vote! Thank you!

The boyf and I spent a night away from the bambino for the first time on Friday. I felt sad leaving her behind with his mum and thought she'd be dead upset at our disappearance. Instead she had a whale of a time, didn't cry once, and blanked us for the first half hour or so when she saw us again. No matter what direction we tried to look at her, she scowled and turned in the other direction. I felt a bit hurt but that was nothing compared to the combination of a hangover, a stonking tooth ache, and slight car sickness....

We'd spent the night at Q's where we had dinner with her and her husband and got pissed out of our heads. Well Q and I did anyway... They actually made me cry so hard with laughter I thought my c-section was going to bust as they actually brought 'leather' jackets from a dodgy guy in a Sainsbury's car park only to discover that he'd swapped them with PVC jackets... Oh and they have also brought 'art' on their doorstep... My tooth had been hurting when I arrived there but the vino numbed it till I woke up with a stonker of a hangover. I stumbled downstairs to find Q's 6 year old checking out You Tube. She kindly offered to show me where the headache tablets were and I made the mistake of attempting to open a false drawer to see if there were other medicines in there. That was her cue to walk me (OK I literally staggered) through every drawer and cupboard. She was hilarious as she flung open cupboards and based the contents description on one item. "OK this cupboard is for....cake stands.....and this one is for my art stuff. This drawer is for mummy and daddy's art stuff [it was a junk drawer]....This cupboard is for teapots....". In a case of role reversal, Q's 13 year old is chirpy and funny, whilst the 11 year old is like a teenager with her moodiness, diva tendencies, and her urge to cling to her dressing gown and skinny jeans with equal vehemence. Oh and how could I forget their big dog that can't hear and doesn't seem to see that well. I wanted to move in there and be a kid myself!

By Saturday afternoon I was in agony and was relieved when my dental practice called back.

"Which dentist do you normally see?" he asked.
"I can't remember his name. Young, tall guy, kinda good look..."
"Oh that sounds like me" he cut me off with a laugh.
"Well it's lucky that I didn't describe you as ugly then!" I wisecracked wondering why I can't shut up even when I'm in pain.

I knew I should have gone for my appointment a month after I had the bambino....Now I need a root canal, two fillings, plus I have to replace my other two fillings. I'm weeping already. That's four appointments where I'll wobble my feet like one of those bad actors who are supposed to be dying...

Dial M for Bro (Mean, Moody, Monosyllabic) my 22 year old brother has moved over from Dublin and he came to visit and meet the bambino. For the first hour I thought that he had mellowed into a sweet, young, man as he hugged and kissed the bambino and played with her. After she went to bed, he disappeared a short while later only to return and announce that he had gone for a wee in a bush!

"I didn't want to wake up the baby!" he said in his very strong Dublin accent.
"Let me get this went out the back and peed in the bush because you were afraid you'd wake her? What's in your piss?" I said incredulously.
"Not the back, the front!" he laughed.
I swooned in shock whilst my ma's mouth flapped open.
"Jaysus, are you ACTUALLY smoking crack?" I roared at him.
"No, I just didn't want to wake her."
"Tell me the neighbours didn't see you?" I demanded. OK, I sound old there... I don't understand his logic though....

I am mort-i-fied that he

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