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Use DeskTime's time tracking data for billing and invoicing your clients. Use the tracked project time when billing your clients for truly effortless invoicing.

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Why choose DeskTime as your time billing and invoicing software?

Why choose DeskTime as your time billing and invoicing software?

It’s no secret that invoicing can be quite daunting, especially for small and medium-sized businesses where the owner wears many hats. Calculating hours worked on certain projects and manually creating invoices for clients can consume a lot of time and energy, and often leads to underbilling clients. DeskTime combines time tracking and billing in one software, which allows you to save time, make more money, and create invoices with a few clicks.

How to use the billing feature in DeskTime time tracking software

Convert your time tracking data into billing

  • From your DeskTime dashboard go to “Invoices“

  • Click “Create invoice” and fill out the necessary details, such as invoice number, company details, due date, etc.

  • Add the number of billable hours, hourly rates and any discounts or taxes that are applied. Then, let DeskTime automatically calculate the total payment.

Bill your projects

  • Click the “Add project time“ button

  • Select the relevant project or tasks you want to bill

  • DeskTime will automatically calculate the hours and add this info to your invoice, along with the total payment due

Note: Save your invoices as templates for later use

You can save your invoices as templates for later use, as well as the recipient details so that you can import them into the invoice with a push of a button.

Send and manage your invoices with DeskTime

Send and manage your invoices with DeskTime

All invoices you create with DeskTime can be either downloaded to your computer or sent directly to the client. See all the issued invoices under the invoicing feature – sort them by number, recipient, status (such as paid, unpaid), etc. With the ''Send reminder'' you can also manually send reminders to clients who've missed their payment due date.

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