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DeskTime is a fully automatic time and productivity tracking software that helps you keep an eye on your employees. With DeskTime, you can maximize your team's efficiency and stop wasting time and money without acting like the big brother.

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Identify inefficient practices

DeskTime helps discover unproductive habits that may be limiting your company’s growth. Receive a daily or weekly report about your most productive employees, and those who might need additional supervision.

Manage remote teams

If managed effectively, remote workers can cost companies less than in-house employees. Keep an eye on your remote team with time tracking and screenshots features, and save money by paying for productive work hours only.

Manage projects and calculate costs

Use the Projects feature to see how much time your team is spending on certain projects and where you need extra resources. Fill in your employees' hourly rates, and see how much each project costs for the company. Then use this data to bill your clients.

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