What are "Tasks"?

Tasks allow you to further break down your tracked time, not only by projects but also by adding specific tasks that are part of a larger project. This feature helps you categorize your time more effectively. Tasks are created and used in a manner similar to projects but offer additional customization options. Here's what you can do with tasks:

Add it to a Project:
You can associate tasks with specific projects, providing a detailed breakdown of the work involved.

Assign to Other Users:
Admins, managers, and owners can assign tasks to specific users, facilitating collaboration and task delegation.

Set Due Dates:
You can establish deadlines by which tasks should be completed, helping to manage project timelines effectively.

Track Progress:
Tasks can be categorized into different progress statuses like Backlog, To Do, In Progress, or Done.

Add Descriptions:
Provide detailed information about the task, ensuring everyone understands the scope and requirements.

Set Urgency Levels:
Tasks can be categorized by urgency level - Low, Medium, High, or ASAP - helping prioritize work.

Add Labels:
Apply labels to tasks for easy categorization and quick identification of similar tasks.

Set Task-Specific Hourly Rates:
You have the flexibility to assign specific hourly rates for individuals working on a task, ensuring accurate billing and cost allocation.

Specify Estimated Time:
You can input an estimated duration for each task, providing a guideline for completion.

Tasks in DeskTime offer a powerful toolset for managing your projects with precision and efficiency.