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Become a software reseller, and you’ll have the unlimited opportunity to earn money on your terms. Be your own boss in one of the best reseller programs available, manage your own client base, and get paid consistently every month as a distributor and promoter of DeskTime’s productivity software.

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The benefits of being a DeskTime software reseller

Software resellers of DeskTime have the flexibility to start from scratch to resell the SaaS productivity software or to build their current business on top of our reseller partner program. How you choose to distribute and market DeskTime to your current or future clients is completely up to you.

Here’s what gain when you become an SaaS reseller with us:

Your own operation

As our software distributor, you’re in control of the operation. No matter who your clients are, what country they live in, and what language they use, you decide how to interact with them and how to cater to their productivity needs.

Free visual materials

No need to spend any time to create images or presentations if you don’t want to. We have you covered by providing all that you’d need to successfully market and resell DeskTime to your audience.

Capability to grow

You can do more than just resell DeskTime’s productivity software—you can bundle it with other services and products to create an attractive combination for prospective clients for even greater retainment.

A monthly income

DeskTime is software-as-a-service and not a one-time product, so your clients will continue to pay you month after month as long as they use it. Productivity for them, predictable income for you.

Hassle-free service

There are no complicated setups or contracts for you or them, and—best of all—we take care of all the customer service stuff so that you don’t have to. The only thing you need to do is manage their account payments.

Pricing freedom

We work with you individually to give you the best possible agreement terms and price on DeskTime. This means you can not only choose what you want your clients to pay but also choose how much of the discount you want to pass on to them.

How the software reseller partner program works

Once you join the program as a distributor, we first add you to our approved list of resellers where you gain validity and visibility. After that, you’ll take control of your and your clients’ accounts within DeskTime itself.

With this new account, there are just four actions that need to be done:


Add a payment method. This will be used to collectively pay for your clients’ usage of DeskTime.


Add clients to your account. Once they’re users of DeskTime, you’ll have them pay you directly.


Delete (or suspend) clients. When appropriate, decide which subscribers you want to keep or delete.


Pay for all the subscriptions. Once a month, we automatically process all the clients’ subscription payments which is also when you get paid.

Another way to earn: the affiliate program

Another way to earn: the affiliate program

In addition to our software reseller program, we offer an affiliate marketing program where you promote DeskTime with an affiliate link instead and earn a 30% commission every month on every subscription.

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