DeskTime employee shift scheduling software

Seeking a reliable software for shift scheduling? Try DeskTime's built-in employee shift scheduling feature to create work schedules for your employees. Plan your team's shifts and get detailed performance breakdowns in one place.

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How to start using DeskTime's shift scheduling app

How to start using DeskTime's shift scheduling app

  • Log into My DeskTime and go to Work Schedules

  • Select employee(s), choose the start and end time for their shift, and the minimum number of hours that need to be spent at the computer

  • Choose if you want to save it as a recurring shift or as a template for future use

  • Save the shift

Detailed performance reports in DeskTime’s employee shift scheduling software

Get detailed performance reports

With DeskTime's time tracking software for Mac, you can easily track spent working without any hassle. You don’t even need to start and stop the timer because the app does it automatically. The tracker stops as you step away from your computer for several minutes, then restarts when you come back.

A screenshot of DeskTime employee time tracking and shift planning app

Combine time tracking and shift planning into a single app

Use DeskTime as a shift scheduling software and time tracker simultaneously. There is no need to set up separate apps – using two different tools can be inconvenient and costly. DeskTime’s shift scheduling feature provides the same functionality as specialized employee scheduling apps.

Provide your employees with more flexibility

Provide your employees with more flexibility

The employee scheduling feature in the DeskTime app is useful not only for managers but also for employees. For example, team members can use the shift request feature to pick their preferred shifts. By knowing which shifts employees prefer to work – and taking these preferences into consideration – managers can boost their team's job satisfaction.

Save your valuable time

Save your valuable time

If your company has fixed shifts – employees work the same hours, starting and stopping at the exact times – you can create shift templates. To do that, go to My DeskTime and open Work Schedules. Click on the three dots in the top right corner → Shift templates → New template. Add all your shifts, saving you time when putting together employee schedules.

See who's at the office and who's working remotely

See who's at the office and who's working remotely

Only the admin or the account owner can edit shifts by default. You can allow your employees to manage their shifts without approval. Go to Settings → Account, and check the option "Disable employee shift approval".
Today, many employers allow their employees to work remotely. Shift scheduling makes it easy and quick to understand who's planning to be in the office and who's working somewhere else. When planning a shift, you can specify where you're working from. DeskTime also offers a Booking feature for desks/ workstations/ parking spaces, etc. It's helpful if you have fewer desks or parking spaces than employees in the office.

Quickly calculate salaries

Quickly calculate salaries

Forget Excel spreadsheets, formulas, and calculators! Using the DeskTime shift planning app, you can quickly calculate the total number of hours each employee has worked. There's no need to count hours manually - Desktime will do it for you.

Frequently asked questions

The DeskTime employee scheduling app allows managers to plan shifts and oversee their human resources while employees submit preferred shifts and see their schedules. Apart from that, both the employer and staff can see different shift performance stats, such as average productivity, efficiency, time spent away from the computer, and more.

If you're looking for software for shift scheduling, you'll notice that there are a lot of shift planning apps available that focus specifically and only on shift planning. In addition to scheduling employee shifts, DeskTime offers many other helpful features that'll help you manage your team. For instance, the absence calendar will help you keep track of when your employees have sick days, business trips, or vacations. It is an efficient tool to see how many days each user has spent away from the office and how many days of vacation they should take in the summer.

Once the shift is approved, it can only be edited or deleted by the account's owner and admins. If you want to change information about a shift, log in to My DeskTime and go to Work Schedules, where you can conveniently view all the approved shifts in one place. When you've selected the required day, click on it, and a window will pop up where you can make changes to the schedule or delete it if necessary.

DeskTime will automatically delete their shifts from the shift schedule. You'll quickly understand which free shift hours to refill.

Yes, DeskTime also offers an Absence Calendar. If enabled in Settings, you can see the “Add away time” option in the Work Schedules next to the “Add Schedule” button. There you can select an absence type, whether it is sick leave, a business trip, holiday leave, or other reasons. You can also provide additional information about your absence if necessary and add a specific time when you'll be out of the office.

Yes, you can easily add two or more shifts on the same day. Please note that there has to be a 30-minute interval that separates shifts from one another.