DeskTime employee shift scheduling

Employee shift scheduling with DeskTime

Try DeskTime's built-in employee shift scheduling feature to create work schedules for your employees. Plan your team's shifts and get detailed performance breakdowns in one place.

Try shift scheduling

How to start using DeskTime’s shift scheduling feature

  • Log into DeskTime and go to Work Schedules

  • Select employee(s), choose the start and end time for their shift, and the minimum number of hours that need to be spent at the computer

  • Choose if you want to save it as a recurring shift or as a template for future use

  • Save the shift

Get detailed performance reports

Detailed performance reports in DeskTime’s employee shift scheduling feature

DeskTime’s shift scheduling software gives you access to detailed performance stats for each shift your employees have worked. The stats include their productivity, efficiency, arrival and leaving time, as well as idle and offline time – you can access this information in the Reports section.

Combine time tracking and shift planning into a single app

Combine time tracking and shift planning into a single app

Use DeskTime as an employee scheduling software and time tracker at the same time. No need to set up separate time tracking and employee scheduling apps – using two different tools can be inconvenient and costly. DeskTime’s shift scheduling feature provides the same functionality as specialized shift planning apps.

Provide your employees with more flexibility

Schedule creation in DeskTime shift scheduling app

DeskTime's scheduling tool is not only useful for managers but also for employees. For example, team members can use the shift request feature to pick their preferred shifts. By knowing which shifts employees prefer to work – and taking these preferences into consideration – managers can boost their team's job satisfaction.

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