DeskTime time tracking with screenshots - it's easy and automatic

DeskTime time tracking with screenshots - it's easy and automatic

Need time tracking software with screenshots to manage a remote team? Or do you simply want bigger control over your company's resources? DeskTime employee remote monitoring software with auto screenshots might be exactly what you need!

What are DeskTime auto screenshots?

DeskTime auto screenshots let you capture team members’ computer screens at random intervals of time. That way, managers can see what programs and apps are actively used and oversee how the team's time resources are spent.

Manage a remote team

Manage a remote team

Time tracking screenshots are more important when it comes to working with a remote team, often paid by the hour. Occasionally scan through the captured screens to make sure the company's time and money are not wasted.

Check for suspicious activity

Check for suspicious activity

With DeskTime time tracking screenshots, it's easy to notice any problematic situations at a glance - DeskTime will highlight all suspicious or unproductive screen captures for you.

Track problematic workers

Track problematic workers

The auto screenshots feature can be enabled for the whole team or for specific team members. Let them know you're about to use auto screenshots - and see the results improving. Or find the exact reason why they're having trouble staying productive.

How to use DeskTime time tracking screenshots?

  • Enable the auto screenshots feature under Settings -> Account

  • Choose to blur or not to blur screenshots

  • Pick a time interval for capturing screenshots (5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes)

  • All screenshots will be stored in a new section called Screenshots

  • Read the complete guide to using the DeskTime screenshots feature!

Don't be creepy!

Let your team know you'll be using a screen monitoring software.
Scan, but don't scrutinize.

Stay in control over what's going on in your team - use DeskTime time tracking with screenshots!

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