Remote employee monitoring with time tracking software

Manage your remote employees by monitoring their performance through time tracking software. Stop wondering what your remote workers are doing during their working hours – get detailed productivity reports about their performance.

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Why use remote employee monitoring?

Why use remote employee monitoring?

Remote work options offer a lot of benefits – bigger flexibility for the team, lower office costs, and availability of talent from all over the world. In the meantime, you have little control over how your employees spend their working day. That’s where DeskTime comes in – once your remote employees start using time tracking software, it becomes possible to keep track of their working habits and use these data in performance reviews.

How time tracking can benefit your remote employees

How time tracking can benefit your remote employees

The benefits of remote employee monitoring are quite obvious to managers. But what's in it for employees? Remote workers can also benefit from time tracking. It can help them plan their time more effectively, as well as get noticed for their hard work – DeskTime records every minute of the work time so that no effort is left unnoticed.

Time tracking for managing remote teams – best practices

Even though remote employee monitoring can bring many benefits to the company, it’s important to use it in the right way. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind:

Do's of remote employee monitoring

Inform your remote team well beforehand that you plan to implement time tracking – and explain why. Additionally, highlight how it can benefit them.

Before implementing the remote work time tracking solution, explain its functions to your employees. That way, they won't struggle with the app once they have to start using it.

Analyze and discuss the gathered time tracking data with your remote employees. Encourage them to check their productivity reports regularly and follow their performance and progress.

Dont's of remote employee monitoring

Avoid being intrusive – it will make your remote employees feel uncomfortable and decrease their job satisfaction. Instead of scrupulously analyzing their every step, use remote work time tracking to gain an overall idea of how your remote team is performing. Do a further analysis if you see a problem.

Don’t discuss individual employee performance data with other team members. If you see room for improvement, discuss it personally with each employee.