DeskTime employee computer usage monitoring software - see which URLs and apps your employees spend time on

Use DeskTime - the employee computer monitoring software - to see what websites, programs, and apps your teammates are using. Are they working on work-related tasks? Or can they improve their efficiency? Get the complete productivity analytics with DeskTime!

How DeskTime employee computer monitoring and tracking software works?

DeskTime computer tracking software lets you track employee activity on PC and Mac by noting every website, program, and application that's being used and categorizing them as productive or unproductive. By monitoring employee internet usage, managers can track working hours and make sure that everyone dedicates their office time to work-related tasks.

Track URLs and apps

Track URLs and apps

DeskTime account admins can divide tracked applications into Productive apps (green), Unproductive apps (red), and Neutral apps (grey). Set your own parameters for each department or team member - what counts as productive for social media managers won't probably work for programmers.

Improve your team's productivity

Improve your team's productivity

Studies show that when team members know they're being monitored, they become more disciplined and motivated to stay on task. This results in the instant 30% productivity boost that companies report just a week after they start to use an employee computer monitoring software.

Detect mouse movements

Detect mouse movements

If there are no mouse movements or keyboard inputs on the computer for more than 3 minutes, DeskTime will go idle and time will no longer be tracked.

How to track employee computer usage with DeskTime?

  • DeskTime starts tracking URLs and apps automatically as soon as you turn on the computer

  • You can change the URL and app status (Productive, Unproductive, Neutral) directly from the My DeskTime page or by going to Account and then Apps productivity

  • See how each team member's daily overview looks in the Productivity bar

  • NB! Only account owners and administrators can change the application productivity

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