Absence calendar for employee absence management

Plan your employee absences and manage your human resources more effectively with DeskTime's Absence calendar

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What is DeskTime's Absence calendar?

What is DeskTime's Absence calendar?

Absence calendar is a feature for simple and accurate employee absence tracking. Employees can log their out-of-the-office days with a specific reason, while managers can review the submissions and approve or deny them.

Use DeskTime's Absence calendar to log:

  • Vacation days

  • Business trips

  • Conference attendances

  • Unpaid leaves

  • Sick days

  • And more

Why your company needs employee absence tracking

Use DeskTime as your absence tracking software. Log employee absences and be informed about the away time of your team members – here's why that's important:

Plan your human resources

Notice right away when a number of employees take sick days at the same time and act accordingly – call in reserve staff or reschedule shifts.

Create an employee absence schedule

Make sure that all employees don't take vacation days at the same time, leaving the office empty and slowing down the entire business.

Quickly calculate salaries

Take a quick look at the Absence calendar's monthly view and see how many days the specific employee has taken off or has been absent because of work-related reasons.

See who's in the office and who's not

Simple as that! Don't run around the entire office building looking for someone sipping cocktails on the beach on their vacation.

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