Why use DeskTime?

Find and eliminate wasted time

Easily see where your employee unproductive time is spent. This will help you increase your company's productivity.

Understand what's happening at work

The reports system will show you both the entire company's work results, as well as individuals'. They give a visualization of your employee time use to understand general tendencies. It will show you who regularly is late, as well as your most productive employees.

Full tracking with advanced reports

Use the advanced reports to fully track the productivity of your company. Share, print, or export your reports to CSV.

Fully automatic - no data entry

DeskTime is simplest time-tracking software you’ll ever use. No manual data entry. Too many time tracking applications ask you to do all the work, whereas DeskTime will calculate everything automatically. Install, forget about it and tune in only to see the data.

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone & Android

DeskTime supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Also, now with DeskTime iPhone and Android versions you can follow your employees anywhere, directly from your phone. Available for free at the Apple App Store and Android Market today.

Plan and edit your vacation calendar

Don’t be caught off guard, know who’s away and when to better plan your team’s workload.

Track your projects to bill your clients

Indicate which projects and tasks you're working on, in order to precisely understand the amount of time you spend on different projects. This will allow you to accurately bill your clients, and avoid mistakes in time tracking. You can later export this data to CSV for accurate billing time.

Personalized, premium support

Our team is dedicated to helping you use DeskTime to the fullest - we can help with setting up, configuring, and day to day use. Get in touch!

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"Efficiency is up and employee independence is maintained. Transparency without nanny-net. What’s not to love?"

Daniel Potter
Services Director at e3Learning

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