Custom productivity reports

Analyze employee time tracking and productivity data with the Reports feature. Use various data filters to create customized reports and see detailed stats on each employee’s performance.

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Use DeskTime Reports to identify your team’s working patterns

There’s a variety of information you can uncover with DeskTime’s Reports feature – you just have to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few productivity reports you can create and download from DeskTime to get you started:

The productivity of each employee and the team as a whole

Some managers only use time tracking to make sure that their employees arrive at the office on time and don’t leave early. However, while punctuality is important, it's even more important to pay attention to how the employees spend their time at work. By knowing how much work time is spent productively and on what tasks, managers can gain a deeper understanding of how their team is doing.

The improvement or decline of your team’s performance

Once you've started to track your team’s productivity, you can compare the results over a certain period of time. That way, you'll see if your team – as well as each employee individually – is improving or not. If your employees' productivity is growing, let them know that their work is getting noticed. If it's the opposite case – start looking for new ways to motivate your team.

How much time your employees spend in meetings

While team meetings are undeniably necessary and help you get everyone on the same page, they can also be very time-consuming. The same applies to meetings with clients. DeskTime allows you to create reports that show how much time employees have spent in such gatherings, which might motivate you to completely rethink work management in the company.

Screenshot of DeskTime’s time tracking dashboard

Create, export, and share the time tracking reports – effortlessly!

All employee time tracking and productivity reports that you create with DeskTime can be easily downloaded and shared with your employees, company management, or clients if necessary.

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