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Work effectively on projects, be aware of the costs, and bill your clients precisely with DeskTime's agency time tracking app.

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Benefits from tracking your personal time

Track projects and calculate costs

Track the time spent on projects, stay tuned with your agency's progress on tasks, and receive a precise project cost calculation with DeskTime features.


Boost your agency's productivity and efficiency

DeskTime boosts workers' productivity and efficiency levels by up to 30%. Increased work performance can significantly heighten job satisfaction within your employees.


Create detailed reports and ensure customers' trust

Customize your reports with DeskTime to receive the data you need. Whether it's a project's overview or a mid-term report, providing transparent feedback to your customers builds their trust.

Time tracking software for agencies

Employee productivity and time tracking for companies

DeskTime provides automated agency time tracking. The app works quietly in the background and doesn't require any manual input. DeskTime's Project tracking feature offers an easy way to manage tasks and boost self-accountability among your employees.

How to use DeskTime effectively for agency time tracking

Manage projects and calculate the costs precisely

Pomodoro timer

Having several significant projects on the agency's plate at once can be a bit of a load to carry. However, it's a common reality. DeskTime offers a helping hand with features such as Project tracking and Cost calculation. Acknowledge how much time the team spends on particular tasks, divide your workforce accordingly, and be aware of how much each project costs your agency.

Create invoices according to the tracked work data

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When project costs are calculated according to the time spent on a project and the agency's billing rates, you can easily invoice your customers with DeskTime's Invoicing feature. Convert the tracked time into billable hours and create invoices within a few minutes – all with DeskTime's desktop app.

Work from anywhere and stay accountable

Tracked apps

Does your agency have remote workers? Or are you being flexible with your employees' working location and schedules in general? DeskTime tracks time from anywhere, both online and offline. Give your agency workers the creative freedom they need to work from anywhere, and don't worry about tracking their work hours – DeskTime's desktop app will do it all for you.

Support a healthy work-life balance

Tracked apps

Having a time tracking app can add a lot more healthy work-life balance even if that sounds controversial at first. DeskTime has such features as a Private time option, which provides employees with desktop privacy during working hours if necessary, and a Pomodoro timer that reminds you to take a break every 52, 60, or 90 minutes.

Integrate the time tracking tool with useful 3rd party apps

Tracked apps

Agencies often use various tools or services for fast-tracking their work. DeskTime's agency time tracking app can be integrated with project management tools, calendar apps, and more. Whether your agency's using, for example, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, or Google calendar – sync them with DeskTime and start tracking your work time right away.

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Tips & Tricks for using DeskTime

Employee productivity and time tracking for companies

Take a look at this DeskTime's tips & tricks video and find out more about the benefits that DeskTime's time tracking software can bring to your agency!

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