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Earn more money with DeskTime freelance time tracking software

Earn more money

Increase your productivity by up to 30%, get more done and make more money.

Automate your reports using a time tracking software for freelancers

Automate your reports

See how much time projects take, create reports in seconds, and bill your clients accordingly.

Find more free time using a time tracker for freelancers

Have more free time

Discover and eliminate time leaks, and free up hours you didn't think you had.

DeskTime for freelancers

Want to make your freelancer workday more productive and efficient? DeskTime is a time and productivity tracking app that tracks projects, automatically generates reports and requires zero manual input. With DeskTime, you'll know exactly how much time you dedicated to each task and project and prove it to your customer.

Top DeskTime features for freelance time tracking

Track and manage your projects

Track time spent on each freelance project

DeskTime project tracking lets you see precisely how much time you're spending on certain projects. It allows you to charge your clients accurately, and estimate the time required for similar projects in the future.

Create custom reports weekly, monthly or whenever you need it

Create custom reports for your freelance projects

Many customers don't realize how much time things take. DeskTime shows how long you've spent on tasks, and allows you to generate reports using this data in seconds. Simply download and share with your clients.

Create invoices with a few clicks

Track time spent on each freelance project

DeskTime is the perfect pairing of time tracking and billing. Use the tracked work hours to create effortless invoices with our Invoicing feature. Convert your data into billing quickly and easily. Plus, you can save your invoices as templates for later use.

Log offline time

Track the time you spend working offline

Don't let clients waste your time. Unnecessary meetings and long phone calls are all included in non-billable hours, and in the end, you're losing money. Whenever this happens, log in this time with DeskTime, and start charging for offline hours, too.

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Why freelancers need time tracking

Meet Elīna – a freelance UX specialist and co-founder of Younger. ''Time tracking helps a lot when you need to send out the bills,'' she says. Watch the interview where Elīna shares other reasons why freelancers should be tracking their own time.

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