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Employee productivity & internet usage monitoring software reduces wasted work hours and shows what your employees are up to during working hours.

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Our tools will help you and your team reach new productivity levels. Monitor daily activity, sick leaves, vacations and overtime with ease, and get a clear overview of your team's workflow.

Automatic time tracking

DeskTime employee productivity & internet usage monitoring software

DeskTime gives you a timestamp for your employees' arrival and departure, it tracks total time spent on work-related tasks, and automatically calculates employees' daily productivity.

Track apps and urls

Monitor employee internet usage

Employees can indicate which applications and URLs are productive or unproductive for completing their tasks. At the end of the day, this gives a clear overview on how productive the workday was. Analyzing the used unproductive apps, employers can also identify any possible online time stealers.

Manage projects and tasks

Real time employee monitoring and report creation software

Track time of individual projects and tasks. Auto screenshots (see below) and activity rate trackers provide all the necessary data to get an idea of the status of your projects, let you estimate the time required for projects in the future, and help you bill your clients accurately for the work done.

Auto screenshots

Create screenshots with DeskTime

The optional DeskTime auto screenshot feature offers a particularly detailed view of your team’s efficiency and lets you accurately monitor employee internet usage. Every 5,10,15 or 30 minutes, DeskTime takes a screenshot of what everyone is working on and the files are automatically saved on each user’s account. You can set up the screenshots to be blurred for increased privacy or disable this function altogether.

Create custom reports

Create custom reports with DeskTime

Create reports about the company’s productivity status, and later share, print, or export them to XLSX. You can also compare the effectiveness of your team or individual employees over a given period of time and get insights about everyone’s extra hours spent at work.

And more...

Features of DeskTime employee productivity monitoring software
  • Connect with Google Calendar

  • Help employees coordinate time off and plan their schedules

  • Oversee performance on desktop and mobile (iPhone and Android)

See why 6,000 companies in
98 countries are using DeskTime

  • Increase productivity

  • Monitor employee Internet usage

  • Identify inefficient practices

Our Customers

"DeskTime allows us not only to analyze and control, but to further understand the areas in which we can improve and do things differently, meanwhile saving on the most precious thing- time. It's an effective tool our employees use for self discipline as it helps them to see the little things that 'steal' their time."

Arnis Jaundzems | Sixt General Manager in the Baltic States

Arnis Jaudzems
Sixt General Manager in the Baltic States

"DeskTime has provided us with a non-intrusive and cost-effective way to monitor productivity. Its greatest feature is simply that everyone knows it's there. It helps busy traveling attorneys keep up with what is going on in our various offices without feeling like big brother."

Matt Daniel | Partner at Lawyerworks

Matt Daniel
Partner at Lawyerworks

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