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What is employee monitoring?

What is employee monitoring?

In modern teams where people collaborate through their computer screens and often even sit at different physical locations, it’s increasingly difficult for managers to keep track of everyone’s performance – they can’t take a look across the office floor and see what they’re doing. That’s where employee monitoring software comes in, providing a detailed look into every team member’s workday.

Types of employee monitoring

If you haven't yet started to monitor your employees in the workplace, note that there are several approaches and that the variety can cause some confusion to first-time users. Therefore, let’s look at the most popular types of employee monitoring and see which option fits your needs best.

Monitoring work time

Monitoring work time

This is the most simple and popular way of monitoring employees in the workplace. It refers to keeping track of everyone’s attendance, time spent at work, and productivity.

Computer usage tracking

Computer usage tracking

Such a feature will not only allow you to monitor your team members' attendance but also give you an insight into their working habits during the workday.

Advanced employee monitoring

Advanced employee monitoring

From auto screenshots to custom reports and document title tracking, these features come in handy if you need to monitor your team’s performance more thoroughly.

Keep an eye on remote employees using productivity monitoring software

Keep an eye on remote employees using productivity monitoring software

If you oversee remote employees, it’s quite likely that you have found it difficult at times to keep track of what exactly they are doing during their work hours. Employee monitoring software can help – it will allow you to see a detailed report of your contract workers' working day, divided into productive and unproductive time. That way, you won’t have to keep guessing what your remote team is up to.

All the employee monitoring tools you need – combined in one app

DeskTime combines several tools and features that will help you and your team reach new productivity levels. Monitor your employees' daily activity, as well as their sick leave, vacations and overtime. Get a clear overview of your team's workflow.

Automatic Time Tracking

DeskTime’s time tracking software gives you a timestamp for your employees' arrival and departure; it tracks the total time spent on work-related tasks and automatically calculates your team’s daily productivity.

Track Apps and URLs

Employees can indicate which applications and URLs are productive or unproductive for completing their tasks. At the end of the day, this gives a clear overview of how productive the workday has been. Analyzing the used unproductive apps, employers can also identify any possible online time stealers.

Monitor Projects and Tasks

Monitor the individual projects and tasks your team is working on. Auto screenshots and activity rate trackers provide all the necessary data to give you an idea of the status of your projects, let you estimate the time required for projects in the future, and help you bill your clients accurately for the work done.

Create auto screenshots

The optional DeskTime auto screenshots feature offers a particularly detailed view of your team’s efficiency and lets you accurately monitor employee internet usage. Every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, DeskTime takes a screenshot of what everyone is working on and automatically saves the files on each user’s account. You can set up the screenshots to be blurred for increased privacy or disable this function altogether.

Create custom reports

Use the DeskTime employee monitoring software to create reports about the company’s productivity that you can share, print, or export to .xlsx files. You can also compare the effectiveness of your team or individual employees over a given period of time and gain insight into extra hours spent at work.

Looking for a hidden computer monitoring software?

You can use DeskTime as silent monitoring software, meaning – the DeskTime app won't be visible to your employees but will work in the background. This will solve the problem of employees hacking the system or turning time tracking off. Hidden computer monitoring is also a way to use time tracking without a constant reminder that it's in use. As they say – out of sight, out of mind.

Add employees

Create an employee login list and add them to the members list without notifying them

Download the app

Install the Silent DeskTime monitoring software on their work computers

Log in

Log into the app with the account details you have created for them

Start tracking

DeskTime will be hidden and track the users' time in the system background

Note: don't cross the line!

Employee monitoring is a proven way to improve employee productivity. That said, make sure you don't go too far and invade employee privacy. All the data you collect and review through hidden computer monitoring must be related to their work performance only.

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