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DeskTime 30-minute webinar September 17th


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DeskTime 5-minute webinar September 19th


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DeskTime 30-minute webinar September 24th


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DeskTime 5-minute webinar September 26th


11:00 Europe/London

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What people say about DeskTime

Arnis Jaudzems

Sixt General Manager in the Baltic States

DeskTime allows us not only to analyze and control, but to further understand the areas in which we can improve and do things differently, meanwhile saving on the most precious thing- time. It's an effective tool our employees use for self discipline as it helps them to see the little things that “steal” their time.

Janis Supe

Member of the board at Mindwo

We've been using DeskTime for over a year now. Our employees often work remotely from home and we also use freelancers. The payments are done according to the hours DeskTime has tracked. DeskTime benefits both involved parties – the employer and the employee, because everyone's on the same page when it comes to the time that's been spend on a project.

Matt Daniel

Partner at Lawyerworks

DeskTime has provided us with a non-intrusive and cost-effective way to monitor productivity. Its greatest feature is simply that everyone knows it's there. It helps busy traveling attorneys keep up with what is going on in our various offices without feeling like big brother.