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How I Managed My Growing Company While Being COVID-19 Positive

DeskTime's CEO shares his take on remotely running a company that experienced it's biggest growth spurt to date while battling Covid-19. Read more

5 Ways Competing In Sport Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

The skills that give you an edge in competitive sport can give you an edge in business. Artis Rozentals, CEO of DeskTime, shares how participating in bike races helps him be more stress-resistant and focused in business. Read more

The pandemic may have affected how the most productive people take breaks

We studied our most productive users and found that they’re working for longer periods of time than pre-pandemic. What does that mean for overall employee well-being? Read more

How the Pandemic Changed the Rhythm of Our Workdays, According to New Time-Use Data

Our data highlights a simple but underappreciated fact about office life and productivity. The people who get the most done are also those who take regular breaks. Read more

52/17 Productivity Model Updated - People Now Working 2x Longer Hours

The 52/17 work/break model has been updated, with results showing that the most productive people work significantly longer, but also take longer breaks. Read more

52/17 Productivity Model Updated – People Now Working 2x Longer Hours

Data shows an increase in both work and break duration since the start of the pandemic, with the most productive people now working in 112/26 – nearly two hours of work and half an hour of breaking. Read more

The pandemic may have affected how the most productive people take breaks

The ratio between work and break time has shifted from 3:1 to 4:1. That has impacted people's overall well-being, productivity, and even company culture. Read more

We Tested if Virtual Coworking Improved our Team’s Productivity

With remote work becoming a mandatory requirement rather than a choice, a team of content creators tests if working remotely with their cameras on impacts productivity. Read more

How to Run an Effective One on One Meeting with Team Members

Running effective one on one meetings should be a priority for you as a manager or team leader. The 11 tips laid out in this article will help you make the most of this crucial time. Read more.

Here’s What Happened When I Swapped My Desk Chair for a Yoga Ball

We swapped our chair for a yoga ball for one week and measured productivity and work efficiency with DeskTime. The results were surprising. Read more.

9 Great Tools That Enable Employee Engagement

Empowering your employees with the right tools can eliminate chaos and confusion and streamline the everyday process. Here are some of the best software solutions and tools to help you boost employee engagement. Best for performance monitoring: DeskTime. Read more.

Listening to video game music is the only way I can do any work

Video game music is carefully designed to feel both ephemeral and stimulating – and a lot of games are pretty much indistinguishable from work. Read more.

How to make your afternoons as productive as your mornings

Even squeezing an extra hour of solid work in the afternoon feels impossible sometimes, which can leave us more stressed as work piles up for the next day. So how can we make better use of our afternoons and stay productive? Read more.

Track And Analyze Your Work Productivity With Desktime

If you want to change your working hours, DeskTime can help you manage your day so you can, for example, work in the morning, take a break in the middle of the day, and work some more in the evening. Read more.

Peak productivity: Why 52 is the magic number

If you want to up your productivity game, concentrate on work for 52 minutes. Immediately reward yourself with a 17-minute break. It’s the 52:17 ratio that DeskTime, an employee productivity tracking app, has discovered to be the ideal combination for peak performance. Read more.

How giving in to my night owl habits was the best decision I’ve ever made

Companies are losing millions of dollars every year because of sleepy employees who are unable to focus at work. Solution? Flexible working hours that allow employees to adjust their work schedules to their biological clocks. Read more.

Conspiracy of time tracking apps

It seems that the US and Northern Europe are the most concerned about time tracking and productivity. In an eye-opening study, we found that of the most popular time tracking apps, 44% are from the USA, and an equal 44% are from the Northern-half of Europe. Read more.

Here's Proof That Office Layout Doesn't Affect Productivity

Using DeskTime, we examined people working in three different environments: an open office, a closed-space office, and a cubicle. It turns out that working in a closed office leads to just 4% more productivity than working in an open office. Read more.

DeskTime CEO Reveals How They Accelerated Business Growth And Revenue By 94 Percent

In recent years, the time-tracking company has reported an uptick in rapid growth, while increasing revenue by 94%. What's their secret? The answer is: outsourcing. Read more.

Interview with Artis Rozentals, CEO of DeskTime

Read an interview with DeskTime's CEO Artis Rozentals, where he shares how the idea of DeskTime was born, how he stays productive, and what business idea he'd be willing to give away to anyone, for free. Read more.

The 3-step strategy that helped one startup grow its blog traffic by 81%

Nowadays, approximately two million blog posts are published on the web every day. How the heck are you supposed to stand out and make people come to your blog, read your articles, and, at the end of the day, become your customer? Here's how DeskTime does it. Read more.

Can ASMR 'Tingles' Really Make You More Productive?

Just by listening to ASMR, you can boost your productivity and work efficiency by as much as 22%. That’s the equivalent of shaving over 1.5 hours off an 8-hour workday – or even adding a whole another day to your workweek. Read more.

The Most Common Distractions At Work and How To Manage Them

What are the top distractions at work? We carried out a survey to find out what disturbs people the most while they’re at work and 1,334 office workers around the world from various industries responded. The most popular answer – interruptions! Read more.

We build our work lives around time, but doesn't energy make more sense?

As we decouple time from productivity, we need a new productivity yardstick. Increasingly, experts are suggesting that we structure our lives not around time, but energy. Read more.

New Research Finds Ireland Has Most Productive Workforce in the World

Data from DeskTime found that among 150 countries surveyed, with over 250,000 employee participants, the Irish workforce was found to have the highest productivity percentage. Read more.

How Blocking Apps for a Month Improved My Mood and Productivity

A personal experience by DeskTime content writer showed – by using DeskTime and Freedom, an app that blocks distracting websites and apps, you can quickly increase your productivity by 14% in one month. Read more.

The 4-Day Workweek: How to Accomplish More by Working Less

Four-day workweeks can actually make you more productive. By “working smarter” instead of harder, you can accomplish just as much (or more!) as you would in a 40-hour week. Read more.

How to Plan a Productive Workation With Your Team

If planned thoughtfully, workation - a vacation that includes working - can make your team 17% more efficient than usual. DeskTime proves it with hard data. Read more.

I Worked in 3 Different Environments for a Month. Here's What I Found

Over one month, DeskTime followed the productivity of a content writer working from three different locations - office, coffee shop, and home. Read more.

Les 15 Outils Numériques Pour Arrêter De Procrastiner Au Bureau

”DeskTime allows you to make statistics to assess the time spent on the internet. It can be used together to view the progress of projects. Being aware of the time lost makes it possible to better assess the sites to block or limit,” writes the author Audrey Chabal. Read more.

7 Science-Backed Ways to Take Better Breaks

We need breaks. And not just as temporary escapes from the pressures of work. Done properly, breaks can reduce mental fatigue, boost brain function and creativity, and actually keep us on-task for longer periods of time. Read more.

New Data Proves Staying Late in the Office Is Pointless

A recent study of 65,000 DeskTime users in the US found exactly how unproductive overtime work is, proving that the more people work, the less productive they become. Read more.

FeedMyApp Editor's review

“DeskTime is a easy to use and navigate time tracking free app that can't be'll save you time and money.” Read more.

What the most productive workers have in common

“The makers of a software program that monitors employees' computer use at work have a simple recipe for productivity: Work hard for 52 minutes, then take a break for 17.” Read more.

The Odd Work-Break Ratio That's Great for Productivity

“Everyone has that person in the office. You know, the one who always seems to get way more done than everybody else, but who never seems stressed or frantically trying to finish an assignment. How does he or she get it done? And can you steal those secrets to improve your own productivity? Yes. Yes you can.” Read more.

Keep Employees Away From Cat Videos With Time Tracking Software

“Prove your productivity while working from anywhere. Overseers and floor managers don’t make sense in the information age, so digital supervisors are taking their place. In some ways, it’s a wonder it’s taken so long.” Read more.

Here's Proof That Standing Desks Make You More Productive

“We, a team at the Draugiem Group, a startup incubator in Latvia, decided to put it to the test and measure with scientific accuracy the impact of standing chairs on our productivity, well-being, concentration, and ability to work.” Read more.

6 sinais de um empreendedor pouco produtivo

“Para ter sucesso não basta trabalhar horas a fio, é preciso aprender a dar prioridade ao que é importante, ter objetivos bem definidos e muita disciplina para os cumprir. Se não está a fazer nada disto, a falta de produtividade pode arruinar-lhe o negócio.” Read more.

Online Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

“Measuring and boosting productivity in the today’s workforce is not an easy task. Unproductive work and productive work look mostly the same. Many tasks aren’t so clearly defined and are collaborative in nature. To improve business operations, communication is a must, but productivity can easily get bogged down by meetings and memos. Meanwhile, your employees are drowning in their inboxes, or slacking off on Facebook.” Read more.

We Tested Standing Desks—Here's Proof They Make You More Productive

“We used a specific app called DeskTime—one that we developed ourselves—to track our time and productivity. We tracked the time we spent standing, and the time we spent sitting. It then gives you a percentage of productivity (your total time working divided by the amount of that time that we spent using applications that you set to be “productive”).” Read more.

DeskTime Founder Lauris Liberts Tells Us Why Everyone Wants What He’s Got

“I absolutely hate micromanagement. It stresses me out and it makes me feel like I’m back in Kindergarten again.” Read more.

Zamykajcie Facebooka. Zbliża się pogrom pracowników –

“Na wstępie chciałbym przeprosić wszystkich pracowników, których szefowie, po przeczytaniu niniejszego artykułu, wdrożą w firmie. Jeśli tak się stanie, to Wasze życie w tej firmie nigdy nie będzie już takie samo. Niestety DeskTime to serwis założony przez złych… bardzo złych ludzi:)” Read more.

Bust time-wasting employees with DeskTime

“If the end result is even a 10 percent boost in productivity (and my guess is it could be much higher), DeskTime should easily pay for itself.” Read more.

Desk Time – Improve Your Company’s Productivity

“The data that Desk Time collects can be incredibly useful to businesses looking for smarter ways to increase productivity and employee output.” Read more.

Infographic by DeskTime Unveils Negative Working Habits

“DeskTime compiled data from over 1 million tracked working hours to create an infographic to give insight to the working habits of the average employess.” Read more.

Ваши разработчики действительно работают? Обзор программ для учета рабочего времени

“Всем владельцам компаний, конечно же, хотелось, чтобы их сотрудники, трудились на благо Родины и компании. Но человеческая плюс славянская природа такова, что нам свойственно не делать, пока нас не контролируют или делать все в последний момент.” Read more.

Automatic Time Tracking –

“The obvious difference and competitive advantage of DeskTime over other competitors is that DeskTime is all automatic. While other software needs some kind of data entry DeskTime produces beautiful reports automatically and the information can be accessible and viewed in real-time while others solution have lag-time.” Read more.

On the Clock - Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Office

“New website called DeskTime lets you track your employees’ productivity with ninja-like precision.” Read more.

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